What should a Sugar Baby do before finding a Sugar Daddy?

By JadeSeashell

Jul 19, 2018

Entering the sugar bowl is an exciting experience, but it often takes a while to get a Sugar Daddy. So, before finding the perfect Sugar Daddy, what can a Sugar Baby do to hone her sugar skills? Here is a list of good ideas for you to consider.

Charm your boss so that you can get a pay raise.

Practicing sugar skills on your boss is a great way to improve yourself. Next time when you are alone with your boss, remember to charm him and ask for a pay raise. You’ll probably be surprised to know that your boss is very happy to help you when you wear a V-neck red dress while your necklace’s pendant is pointing at your cleavage. In the future, you will need negotiation skills because you’ll date a Sugar Daddy who will give you an allowance.

Learn more about personal finances.

You have to understand how to manage personal finances before you get a Sugar Daddy because this is an essential skill no matter you are dating a Sugar Daddy or have retired from the sugar lifestyle. Learning more about personal finances will benefit you in the long term. The best time to read books about money is yesterday; the second-best time to do so is today. Some outstanding financial books are Overcoming Underearning (by Barbara Stanny), Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing (by Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter) and I Will Teach You to Be Rich (by Ramit Sethi). Having more knowledge about finances will also make you a more interesting woman in a Sugar Daddy’s eyes because successful men would enjoy talking to attractive women who are into men’s topics such as finance.

Upgrade your fashion and makeup.

You should improve your fashion and makeup before meeting a Sugar Daddy because rich men won’t be impressed by a dull girl. The real gatekeeper in the sugar bowl is women’s good looks. Therefore, you would be well-advised to get some new clothes and makeup that suit your style. Your clothes don’t have to be expensive, but they have to be right. Hence, you may want to go to H&M and get some cheap but trendy outfits now.

Approach rich men under the radar.

When you are ready to meet Sugar Daddies, you should try to approach wealthy men proactively because some of them may be converted to your Sugar Daddies. This can be done under the radar. For example, you can go to some high-end wine-tasting events in your local area and approach rich men there. If you are going to a pub where people can buy two glasses of beer for one dollar, you know men in that pub aren’t millionaires. In contrast, if you are going to an up-scale wine-tasting event, you will definitely meet rich men and potential Sugar Daddies. Remember to arrive at the event early so that the organizer of the party will talk to you first. Later on, when other guests are arriving, the organizer can introduce you to those powerful men.

Wear a conversational starter.

If you want potential Sugar Daddies to approach you, you’d better wear something that they can comment on, e.g. a statement necklace, a sexy dress, and so forth. This will help you break the ice naturally and the Sugar Daddy would think it is his idea to talk to you first.

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