What Sugar Daddies Look For

By Lexie

Jan 17, 2017

Every woman wants to feel appreciated, admired, and cared for. Finding an ideal arrangement requires patience and commitment. Having an idea of what you are looking for and the type of Daddy you want will be helpful in your success as a Sugar Baby. Below are some things to keep in mind regarding what Sugar Daddies look for.

Remember ladies, most Sugar Daddies are looking for a beautiful and carefree distraction from their increasingly hectic lifestyles. Many men in positions of power are busy. They are looking for someone who understands the demands a busy man has, and can put up with not seeing him all the time. This is one of the main reason Sugar Daddies enter the world of Sugar dating. They want the benefits of a vanilla relationship, without the emotional and time commitments involved.

Unless Daddy is retired (which many are), he’s putting in long hours at the office and wants someone who will shower him with attention and affection every so often. He is looking for a Sugar Baby who understands the actual dynamics of a Sugar relationship. No matter how gorgeous you are, a POT may have second thoughts about you if you come across as a desperate and needy emotional train wreck.

Daddies understand most Babies are under a lot of pressure, personally and financially. This doesn’t mean a Baby needs to come across as desperate. If you truly want to appease the attention of a well-intentioned Sugar Daddy, then here are some key assets he is looking for.


For the college Babies, your primary focus is to be engaged in your studies. Invest your time in attending professor office hours, get involved with on campus organizations, and do your best to keep your grades up.

Sugar dating can be a huge distraction if you let it become one. You may even be tempted to drop out entirely with the hope of securing a long-term Daddy to fund your extravagant lifestyle. Remember, for most Sugar Babies, Sugar dating is a stepping-stone to experiences they wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve on their own.

Stay in school and stay motivated. Focus on the goals you want to achieve and don’t worry about comparing yourself to others. If you have a goal in mind, this will help keep you motivated to better yourself and your future. Daddies are attracted to goal-oriented women, and they want to see you achieve your dreams, whatever they may be.

Stay grounded in who you are as a person and believe you are able to achieve the goals you have for yourself. If you can exude such confidence, you’ll garner the interest of many Sugar Daddies on SeekingArrangement.com.


Contrary to popular belief, a Sugar Baby doesn’t need to resemble a runway model on the cover of a magazine. Whether you’re a petite or plus sized Sugar Baby, what matters most is how you present your inner and outer beauty. Having a healthy sense of self-confidence is going to be one your biggest assets in the Bowl.

You are going to attract many eligible Daddies if your personality is on point and you come across as a happy-go-lucky person. We all have issues, but it’s best to leave this aside and focus on bringing forth the best version of yourself. Being beautiful inside and out means making the most of what you have to offer and staying true to yourself.

No need to hide behind a mask of overdone make-up, or splurge on designer clothing to impress a POT. If you can carry yourself with poise and look great doing it, then it’s going to be a major turn on for an SD. Who you are as a person will catch his attention first and then the gifts, trips, and allowance will follow in time.


It’s no secret that Sugar Daddies value discretion, and a lot of Sugar Babies want this too. If you want to make a good impression on an SD, be discreet and subtle about your advances. If you don’t want all eyes on you at the restaurant with a POT, then it’s best to blend in. This means being mindful of everything from what you wear to how you act.

While all Sugar Daddies are thrilled to be in the presence of an attractive, youthful, and vibrant woman, some Sugar Daddies may want to keep the public displays of affection private and the arrangement itself on the down low.

He may be a high-profile man wanting to maintain a low-profile personal life. Respect this, go with the flow, and you’ll find yourself in his limelight. There really is no need for you and your Sugar Daddy to be the talk of the town.

It’s best to leave your personal Sugar life with a Daddy out of your social media accounts. Sugar relationships are not like traditional vanilla relationships. Most people in arrangements want to keep the arrangement private. If you can keep yourself engaged in his world and not be too overbearing, then you’ll likely be the woman every Sugar Daddy dreams of dating.