When the Arrangement Suddenly Ends

By Alexis G

May 10, 2016

You’ve been in a relationship with your Sugar Daddy for a few months or maybe even a few years and suddenly he tells you that it’s over. The time-frame isn’t as important as the fact you thought the arrangement was going so well. The breakup came as a surprise and you’re feeling hurt and rejected. To make matters worse, you have become dependent on your allowance so now you’re in a financial bind.

No matter which way you look at it, breakups suck. When an arrangement ends it can interrupt your entire lifestyle. Here are five things every Sugar Baby should do when an arrangement suddenly ends.


When Daddy suddenly breaks it off your initial reaction may be to beg him to reconsider. This is an absolute no-no. Not only is this a major turn off for him, but it also shows him that you don’t know your worth. Just because Daddy no longer sees the value in your relationship doesn’t make you any less valuable as a person. Remember, you have worked hard to become who you are and a breakup shouldn’t put that into question.


A sudden breakup brings many questions to mind. What did I do wrong? Am I not pretty enough? Is there someone else? Most of these thoughts should be pushed aside, but this is a good time to do a little bit of self-reflection. Think about your behavior over the course of your relationship, are there times where you wish you had reacted differently or behaved better? Don’t beat yourself up about it now, but try to learn from your mistakes so you avoid similar situations in your next relationship.


This may not be an option in every situation, but if Daddy is willing to discuss why he is ending things this may help you get the closure you need. It’s important you remain composed during this conversation. Do not yell or try to start a fight. Daddy could be giving you valuable information that may leave you better prepared for your next arrangement.


If you were in a long-term relationship with your Sugar Daddy chances are he assisted you financially. If he decided to end financial assistance immediately you might be worrying about how you will pay your rent or your tuition. If you have any Sugar funds saved up, now might be the time to dip into them. If you are low on cash you should consider selling some of your non-cash gifts in order to get the funds you need. Learn from this situation. When you enter into your next arrangement try to save as much money as possible so you won’t be as stressed out if it ends without warning.


After you have had time to process the breakup it’s time to update your SeekingArrangement profile and get back in the Sugar Bowl. There are lots of amazing Sugar Daddies out there looking for a Sugar Baby just like you so don’t let the breakup define you. There is plenty more Sugar in the bowl and all you have to do is go out and get it.