When Your Daddy Breaks Up with You

By Fallon

Dec 09, 2016

Let’s face it. It happens. There are times when we’re not the one who’s calling it quits. Sometimes, it’s a relief when your Daddy breaks up with you–other times, it can flat out suck!

Regardless of how emotionally connected we are with our Sugar Daddy, when he decides to end an arrangement, it can hurt. It can make us angry, it can make us question if we’re cut out to be a Sugar Baby, it can shake our self confidence, etc. The good news is the breakup doesn’t have to do any of these things!

I don’t know a Sugar Baby who doesn’t want to be desired or appreciated, most of all in an arrangement. When an arrangement ends, the key is to focus on the positive and all the possibilities the future holds. So, how does a newly-single Sugar Baby begin to let go of what was and take on the next stage of her life?

First, do not cling on to your Sugar Daddy. He has made a decision to end things. Try not to let anger or disappointment over take you. Neither feeling is beneficial to you. It’s pointless to fire back at him – let alone even think about getting back at him. It’s a waste of time and will only make things worse. It’s also a waste of mental and emotional space to let insecurities and disappointment take the reins. It may seem impossible, but LET HIM GO! There really is no going back – and that is a good thing. Change is always good – even when we can’t see how or understand the why.

Focus on the steps you need to take to get that spark back. The spark in your daily life that makes you feel special and happy. Treat yourself to an indulgence you enjoy and think about what you want now since your Sugar Daddy isn’t taking up your time. Focus on what you want and where you want to be in your life. If you’re still interested in Sugaring, then think about how to reinvent  yourself: update your profile, pics, etc. If you want to take a Sugar break, then think of things you’d like to do, learn or experience. Regardless of whether you dive back into the Sugar Bowl or take a break, it’s extremely important to establish a new balance in your life. Devote energy into activities – physical and mental – outside the Sugar Bowl. It may sound cliche, but spend time outdoors in nature. Hike, bike, walk, run, meander – whatever – just do it outside. Not on a sidewalk, not between skyscrapers, not in your development, but in the genuine great outdoors. All counties have parks – spend time in one or some. It’ll do a body (and mind) good.

Invest your energies into something that brings you joy and makes you feel good. Try spending more time with friends, trying something new, seek out places you’ve never been, etc. The point is to put your mind and energy fully into something else–anything else besides fixating on what was.

Believe in yourself. Chances are you have grown into an even smarter, experienced, more confident version of the person you were when your arrangement began. Embrace the new you! Love who you are and know that your old SD is not the only one on the planet that will love who you are, if and when you decide to share your life with someone again.

Trust your instincts. If you automatically think you need to jump back in the Sugar Bowl, but something inside you tells you to take a Sugar Bowl break, then honor that. The Sugar Bowl isn’t going anywhere and neither are the Sugar Daddies you’ll have to choose from. Take it from me. I took a Sugar Bowl break after a Sugar Daddy ended things with me and it was refreshing. It allowed me the mental space to focus on myself and where I was headed, independent of anyone else. I learned a lot during my time out of the bowl. I did go back, but the time away was immensely valuable.

Stay present in the current moment. Don’t allow yourself to fixate on what was. You can remember the good, but don’t pine for it. It’s not the end of the world. You are bigger than any arrangement could have made you, period! Stay in the current moment. Live deliberately. Picture and plan for the future you want but make sure you’re using each day to the fullest. Eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s on a Netflix binge will get you through an evening but make sure to wake up each morning with a plan for the day.

Time does pass and with it our lives evolve and change and things get better. Our vision gets more clear, our strength grows, our confidence shines through and before you know it, you’re on your way into a great new future.

When a Sugar Daddy ends things, it can throw us off. Some of you may process things quickly and move on; for others, it make take a while. There is no right way to put the pieces back together. Every one of us is different. Believe in yourself, remember these key points and don’t be afraid of the new future in front of you. Change is good, you can do it!