Why Desperation Doesn’t Work

By Ashleigh

Nov 20, 2015

When you enter the Sugar Bowl can be just as important as why you entered when it comes to achieving your desired goals. The most successful Sugar Babies start before they find themselves in a rough patch, whether financially or in their personal lives. The principle reason for this is that desperation doesn’t produce results.  

A prime Sugar Daddy can smell desperation from a mile away, and it doesn’t smell sweet. Sugar Daddies are looking for confident, goal oriented women, who are looking to take control and make the most of their lives.  Don’t wait until you’re living out of your car and desperate enough to jump at even a salt daddy’s offer. There’s nothing sweet about that.

Sugaring takes patience, so being anxious with desperation is doing you no favors. Nothing irks a POT more than you being short and impersonal in your messages, not getting to know him and going straight for the Sugar. Not to mention asking for money exchanges prior to meeting violates the terms of agreements on SeekingArrangement.  Arrangements are mutually beneficial, so don’t get blindsided by being a damsel in distress and overlook that there are two of you in the arrangement.

Desperation can act as a slippery slope to rash decisions that end up hindering you more, instead of the added sweetness to your life that Sugar is supposed to bring. Just like with a diet, a girl can’t live on Sugar alone. Honestly, even if you could, you shouldn’t for your waistline and your ability to stand as a goal oriented woman making more for herself!

A watched pot never boils, and a stalked POT never settles on an arrangement.  You are far less likely to get what you are looking for if you are putting pressure on him. So ladies, don’t wait to start Sugaring!

What factor lead you to join the Sugar Bowl?