Why Isn’t He Messaging Back?

By Jasmin

Dec 01, 2015

When you first sign up as a Sugar Baby, there are a load of things that you absolutely NEED to be aware of. The first mistake that we’ve all made is going in for the kill straight away without gathering up the necessary information needed when first starting. If you’ve ever asked: Why isn’t he messaging back? Then this is the blog for you.

Let me give you a heads up: Not every man in this world is going to open his wallet to you and give you a generous monthly allowance, with a flashy car just because you have a vagina! There has to be something different about you…something unique. A Sugar Daddy can tell when a girl is in it for the money and the gifts, and quite frankly that is just an ultimate turn off to him.

We have to remember that just because it is a site full of extremely wealthy men who want an NSA arrangement, we are also females who play a very powerful role in this exchange!

Allow me to give you 5 vital tips when signing up as an SB on SeekingArrangement:

1) Angle Your Pictures Correctly

This is pretty self explanatory. The first thing an SD notices when browsing your profile are your pictures! Choose an appropriate angle for your pictures. While I don’t condone deception, there are ways to hide your blemishes, but also make yourself look relatively amazing! Always have at least 2 full body photos, and 3 face photos.

2) Don’t Be Clingy

A lot of girls show a sense of dependency to these wealthy men once they feel any sense of approval from them. Once an SD sees that you’re completely depending on him, things could go south really quickly, (unless he is really in love with you and wants to whisk you to the South of France to elope, which is, may I add very unlikely). Once you show him that you don’t really need him, you will become more of a mystery to him, which will somehow keep him coming back.

3) You’re Not The Only Girl

The worst mentality to have as a new SB is to think that you’re the only girl and he isn’t talking to other women, because quite frankly, 9 times out of ten he is. All that would do is make you look like a stuck up, high maintenance “Hollywood girl” with no sense of morality. If you show yourself in your own skin, with no hidden facade, I’m pretty sure that’s sexier to ANY guy than a pretty face and a designer wardrobe.

4) Build A Friendship First

From experience, this is one of the most important steps as a beginner SB. You are NOT an escort, so some sort of friendship needs to be formed first before beginning any kind of arrangement! Getting to know the guy’s personality, instead of his pockets is a big turn on. Engaging in cordial conversation automatically leads to knowing one another’s interests. This in itself is a great ice breaker, because then your SD would know where to take you or even what to get you on the first date without it being awkward.

Last, but not least…

5) Keep Your Options Open & Be Realistic

Don’t limit yourself to one guy at the start. Go on dates with at least 1 or 2 before you choose the perfect arrangement with a suitable SD. I’ve found that when you rush this vital process at the beginning, it all goes wrong down the line. ou wouldn’t exactly have the best experience, which would require you to start all over again! (Especially if you don’t have other SD’s on the waiting list).

Having high standards could also put you through a lot of strain. I understand it wholeheartedly though, don’t worry! As women, we have this idea that wealthy men are extremely good looking and drive the most expensive cars, which in a lot of cases isn’t true. I once dated an SD who although was the CEO of many companies worldwide, did not enjoy driving at all and actually preferred walking to places or taking taxis.

Dive in with an open mind to different types of people and you will not end up disappointed in the long run!

I really hope you have gained a few tips from this article. Some are tips from common knowledge, but majority were purely through experience. Take it one step at a time, so you can find your very lucky, long term SD!