6 Things To Expect (and Learn To Love) When You Start Dating An Older Daddy

No matter your age, dating is tough. But if you’re dating dudes in their 20s, dating is even tougher. Half of them don’t even have a bed frame, let alone the skills needed to plan a good date.

You know that though, and that’s probably why you’ve chosen to take a deep dive into the world of sugar dating. But once you get a taste of sugar, it’s going to be hard to ever date a 24-year-old loser who lives in his parents’ basement again because you learn to expect the behavior of an older, smarter, and more worldly man in your life.

Here’s what to expect when you start dating an older daddy, I can guarantee you’re going to love it.


He’s not on social media

It’s exciting when bae likes your pic, but it’s not quite as thrilling when you see he also liked his hot co-workers’ pic. The best thing about dating an older dude is many are not active on social media – if they even have social media at all. Yes, that means he won’t see your sexy spring break pics from Cabo, but it also means he won’t comment embarrassing things like “nice boobs” on your Insta pics. He also won’t get possessive when random dudes comment fire emojis on your photos.


He knows how to make plans

What is it with younger dudes and “hanging out?” They’re constantly asking when you’re going to hang or when you’re going to chill. Unfortunately, your answer is never – because you don’t want to “chill,” you want to get wined and dined – or at least taken to the park or something. Older men know how to take initiative and make a plan, whether it’s as simple as meeting at a cute café for lunch or as luxe as an all-expenses-paid trip to Dubai.


And he doesn’t flake on said plans

Another problem with younger dudes? Many don’t seem to have ever heard of a calendar. Last week he was all about going out, and this week he’s not answering your texts and telling you he has “a thing” he forgot about, so he can’t take you out anymore.

The fact that your SD puts your dates in his Google Calendar might seem corny, but at least it means that he’ll never leave you texting him at the last minute wondering if you’re still “on” for tonight!


He knows how to drink

Say it with me: drinking Coors Light in a guy’s apartment is not a date! Unlike your last boyfriend, who chased tequila with Four Loko, your new 30-something daddy knows how to drink in a classy way. Not only does he know exactly how to pronounce “Sangiovese,” he also doesn’t chug cocktails at the table or need to be taken care of after a long night of drinking. Thank God.


He appreciates your killer style

What is it with younger dudes and lack of appreciation for lingerie? Do they think we spent 10 minutes putting this strappy onesie from Yandy on so that he could strip it off in ten seconds?

An older dude not only appreciates when a little is left to the imagination, he knows how to work around it…if you know what I mean.


He is perfectly fine Netflix and chilling…on a Saturday

Isn’t an excuse to stay in the whole point of being in a relationship? There’s nothing worse than dating a dude who drags you to some lame pregame where everyone is stoned and sinking into the couch, and we’ve all been there…or at least I have. Plenty of daddies have active social lives and love to go out, but they don’t go out just for the sake of going out – they go out because they have an epic night planned. And if there’s no epic night to be planned? Chances are your daddy would love a cuddle buddy in his penthouse apartment to rest after a long week of work.