A Year of Protective Styles

By Zenya Rose

Feb 08, 2018
Spring is still some months away and the stinging winds of Winter are still whipping our hair out of place. What is a girl to do? If you’re like me, you want to protect your hair but don’t have the time or the income to baby it year round. Hair appointments can get expensive and hair isn’t free. Have you considered the year of protective styles challenge ?


The cold winter air is incredibly harsh. Odds are you’ll be wrapped up in multiple layers and your hair probably feels the same way! The brittle air can dry your hair and that equals lots of breakage! Consider braids during this time of the year. Senegalese twists, marley braids, faux locs, and cornrows are all styles to try. The weight of the added hair in longer styles may actually help keep you warm! An added turban will add to the look and keep your ears warm on especially harsh days.

Since your hair will be wrapped up, it wont be a hassle during any resolution exercise courses we always find ourselves in!


Once the cold starts to subside and the Summer sun starts peaking out you’ll want to let your hair down and let it breathe. Maintenance between protective styles is always important but don’t let the changing season let you forget your goals! Spring time is the perfect time for a sew in or wig. Since you want be drenching in sweat, it is the perfect opportunity to rock Nicki’s 40 inch do!

Summertime Fine

Though the Summer time is when everyone flocks to the longer styles we all know how much hair can weigh you down in the unforgiving summer sun. Save yourself the drama and maintenance by switching it up to a cooler, shorter do. Bobs are fun and cost the least amount of hair but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Experiment with different colors.

It’s the Summer time, try for an ombre alone look or even a fun pastel color. Now is the ideal time to get away with it. Bobs don’t just have to be with straight hair either! India Westbrooks absolutely rocks the short curly look effortlessly. And you can cut braided styles like Marley twists short around your shoulders.


In my opinion, Fall is the most fashion forward time of the year. You’re not yet restricted by the harsh winds of winter but the cooler weather does allow you to play up layers. And let’s not forget, dark colors look absolutely darling on everyone! Fall is the perfect time of year to rock a fro. The air isn’t so cold that it’ll dry your hair out. And nothing completes a look quite like the halo that is a bold fro!

I cannot stress enough how important maintenance is between protective styles, or else they are not protective at all! Styles can be kept for a little longer than a month but never more than two. Always thoroughly wash and detangle your hair before installing a new style.

Have you tried keeping protective styles throughout the year? How much growth did you see? What tips would you recommend for newcomers?