Younger Sugar Daddies

By Jasmin

Oct 08, 2017

Why do we care if a potential Sugar Daddy is a few years younger than expected? I think I know why. The connotation of the word ‘daddy’ can stem from a real dad. It can also derive from someone that is our protector. It can be someone who we go to when we’re in a difficult situation. Because of this, we instantly match this with an older man. Most of the time, a man that is in fact old enough to be our actual daddy.

Anyone Can be a Splenda Daddy

But what if I told you young guys can take care of those responsibilities too? For as long as I’ve lived, I’ve seen people young enough to be my son earn triple what I’m earning right now. Musicians, actors, even those who have royal blood. Now I’m not saying that you should go around seeking boys young enough to be your son because that’s disgusting and that’s pedophilia. What I am saying is that in this day and age, age plays no value in your credibility and how much you earn. Money has over time become one of the easiest thing to obtain no matter if your 6 or 60.

The Pros

In terms of image, I completely understand. Sometimes when I’m out and I see an extremely older man with a much younger woman, I instantly think it could be a sugar arrangement. Perhaps this is because I’m in the game. However, when I see a much younger man with a relatively older woman, it doesn’t straight away cross my mind that they have an exclusive arrangement going on. So if this is what you’re considering doing, go ahead! The ball is in your court and it’s in your favour. If anything, you’ll look like the much powerful one in comparison to your younger money magnet. 

In terms of mental capability, this may be an issue. They say men take much longer to mature than women, so in this instance, your ‘sugar daddy’ may not be interested in your late night rants about why Barack Obama was a much better president than Donald Trump, or why our economy is going downhill. The truth is, the younger he is, the less he’ll want to know about those things. So unless he shows interest in the intellectual things you enjoy talking about, keep it a minimum because you’ll end up putting the poor boy to sleep.

And the Cons

In terms of generosity, I must admit I’ve found a flaw. Younger, wealthy men have the tendancy to only give when needed. They are younger and most likely haven’t given up their bachelor lifestyle yet (which may I add is an extremely expensive lifestyle). They are more focused on spending recklessly and only what benefits them at the time.
If he’s not into the lavish and expensive things, then he is most likely saving money. This could be to eventually retire and do those things. Or he could be saving to invest. These are the worst kind of sugar daddies, because although they have good intentions set for their life, they are not willing to go deeper in their pockets for you, unless you plead with them. Yes, they may seem more responsible, but the truth is they haven’t lived their life yet and that’s what they’re preparing for.

Make Wise Decisions

If you’re actively looking for a younger sugar daddy, or he has come to you, don’t fret. Assess the situation and assess what you can and cannot, will and will not tolerate. If he spoils, treats you well, and respects you why’re you questioning him? Go and have fun girl!