Younger: Tips from an Esthetician

By WhenSadieTalks

Aug 29, 2018

Skin Care Specialist

Everyone wants to look their best. This is especially true for Sugar Babies. I’m a formerly licensed Esthetician, who uses techniques and tricks to make myself look younger. I used to have horrible skin: bad acne, redness, flakiness, and an overall dehydrated look. I went to esthetics school to help myself understand the basics of skin care.

Body Care

Exfoliation is one of the major keys to revealing beautiful, younger skin. You don’t need to buy expensive exfoliates to do the trick either. Dollar Tree and Walmart both have Epsom salt you can find for under $4.00 per bag. Soak in a tub of hot water for a few minutes. Put a handful of Epsom salt in one hand. Rub the salt, with pressure, in circular motions all over your entire body from the neck down.

Using a dry body brush is another alternative to the salt exfoliation. Make sure the brush and your body are both dry. On the tops of your feet, use short, circular motions with the brush four, or five times. From the calves and up, instead of using circular motions, use short, brush strokes always brushing in the direction towards your heart. Never brush away from your heart.

Both of these techniques promote: new skin cell renewal, better blood circulation, skin firmness, reduce cellulite, and they pull toxins from your body.


Always exfoliate before waxing, or shaving to open up your pores. Without exfoliating first, you could potentially cause more irritation to your skin once you conduct your hair removal. Soaking in a hot bath for a few minutes prior to the hair removal also helps to open your pores and ease redness. When waxing, pull the wax in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This also applies to shaving. Shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth only. When removing hair from your bikini and surrounding area, lightly pat the area with baby powder right after the hair removal.

Cleansing Your Face

Wash your face twice in a row in the evenings. The first wash will take off your makeup. The second one will actually cleanse your skin. I had bad acne for years until my esthetics teacher taught me this rule. Within a week of doing this every day, I saw noticeably clearer skin without changing my skin care routine.

Eye Makeup Removal

Take your eye makeup off before your face makeup. When taking the esthetician state board exam, this is the first step in giving someone a proper facial. Be gentle when applying and taking off your eye makeup, as not to pull on the thin skin. Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and Vaseline are gentle enough to use as eye makeup removers. If taking off waterproof mascara, use a Q-Tip dipped in your eye makeup and run it along your lash line to make sure all the makeup is off.

Do not sleep in your eye makeup. You may wake up with red eyes in the morning if you kept your makeup on from the night before. Not attractive.


If you tend to break out along your chin and jawline, try eliminating all dairy products, including coffee creamers, for one week. See if you notice a difference. Your hormones are likely the cause of this acne. If you breakout anywhere on your forehead, this could be the cause of: wearing hats and not washing them after, an unhealthy diet, or from leaving hair products in without washing your hair before bedtime. If you feel the urge to pop a pimple, please do it the professional way. Use an extractor that can be found at all drug stores if it’s a white head. If you’re prone to scarring, dip a sewing needle’s head in rubbing alcohol. Pop a tiny hole in the center of the white head and let the infection ooze out from the tiny hole. If any blood begins to come to the surface, stop immediately. Use an ice cube to stop the bleeding.

Quick Massage Technique for Inflammation

When you’ve eaten processed sugar, a salty meal, or drank too much alcohol, the following will help with puffiness and inflammation: place your index fingers on both sides of your nose bridge. With gentle pressure, run your fingers under your eyes along the eye socket bone towards your temples. Repeat five times. Then with your fingers on your temples, run your fingers down along your hairline towards your collarbone. Repeat five times. This will move toxins around and drain your lymphatic system.

Essential Oils

There are three go-to essential oils that I use frequently. Tea tree oil is a natural astringent and antiseptic. This can be used to calm and heal pimples fast, without drying the skin. Use just one drop per pimple and make sure your hands are clean before applying the oil to your face. Peppermint oil is good to wake you up if you’re feeling drowsy. Simply place one drop on one of your wrists, rub them together, and take four deep inhales to feel the effects immediately. Vitamin E oil is a great nighttime moisturizer for your face. You can buy essential oils at grocery stores like Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Walmart, and similar stores.

The younger you look, the better your chances of living this lavish lifestyle for a long time.