Your Relationship Matters You Should Never Discuss with Your Friends

By Bhumika Kateliya

Apr 12, 2019

In the big wide world, our partner is one person whom we can call ours and this would be the most special relationship for us. But most of us are just not restricted to our relationships, are we? We have friendships and close associations too in our life which are very important of part of it and sometimes as important as our relationship. It would be very unhealthy to not have a good social life out of your relationship but as healthy as it is to have a social life, we need to be mindful of what details about the relationship we share with our friends.

Friends care about us and we are generally very influenced by their opinions and advice they give us about our lives and relationships in particular. Hence, we need to watch out what we tell your friends about the relationship. The following are a few of the details you should refrain from sharing with your friends.

Your Romantic Life

No matter how good a friend you may have, you need to draw a boundary when it comes to your sex life. Ideally, what happens in your bedroom should stay in your bedroom. Especially, you need to keep any embarrassing facts about your romantic life private because you never where these details will reach. Even the friends you are telling this is your closet confidant, it still is not okay to reveal such details.

About your fights

Almost all relationships go through their ups and downs and it is not uncommon for couples to fight or have heated arguments. What you or your partner says during a fight might be very imperative and you actually might not mean any of it. If you go tell about the details of your fight with your friends, it will influence the way they see you and the way they give you advice about your relationship in the future.

Things Your Partner Tells You in Confidence

When you are in a relationship they quite a few things that you and your partner share with each other and most of them are not intended to be told to anyone else. If you break this unsaid rule then you might to losing your partner’s trust. Make sure you are never spilling out anything that your partner has told in confidence.

Your Partner’s Opinions on Your Friends

You may really like a person but that does not mean you are obligated to like his/her social circle too. Hence, though your partner may love you loads, it is completely okay for him to not really like any or few friends. If this is the case, it is obvious that you don’t tell this to your friends as there is always a risk that the information may reach the friends your partner doesn’t like. It will not leave a good opinion about your partner in your friend’s group.

What you tell and don’t tell your friends is your prerogative, but, the above details definitely a few things that you need to think properly about before telling anyone.