Woman Sugar Baby

You’re a Sugar Baby?!?

By Candice

Nov 05, 2015

All Sugar Babies have heard it…

You’re a Sugar Baby?!

That question mixed with a look of confusion and also intrigue about our fabulous lifestyles. If it comes from your friends, they may just be generally concerned about you meeting an older man for the first time, or they don’t understand what being a Sugar Baby entails because of all the negative media. Or they might be jealous.

Recently I had a guy friend question me about being a Sugar Baby. It wasn’t in a jealous way as he and I have always been just friends, but almost a “aren’t you concerned what others will think” kinda way. The short answer to that is no.

There’s nothing wrong with being a Sugar Baby.

My life includes traveling to new cities almost every weekend, getting a hefty monthly allowance, and spending time with a man who I get along with. I get to skip all the drama, bullshit, and fighting that normally clogs relationships.

Some people can’t understand the idea of a young female with an older man, but that again comes with the assumption that all Sugar Daddies are older, which is not true. I think this is where the misconceptions and judgment comes from about being a Sugar Baby.

Well, here’s my response to all the haters: first off, my first Sugar Daddy was in his mid 30’s, 34 to be exact, but he could pass for 30. My current Sugar Daddy is 39, so neither of those are considered “old” to most people. Second, if you ever saw me in public with my Sugar Daddy, guess what?…we act like a normal couple, and you wouldn’t know that we have an arrangement.

Lastly, and most importantly, I think having a monogamous arrangement is actually an easier way to being with someone. Like I mentioned above, I get to skip all the drama and B.S. We don’t fight, we don’t have drama, and we don’t lie to each other. We have a mutual understanding that if either of us wants to end what we have one day, the other will be okay with it, and we will probably still remain friends.

How many times does that happen in a traditional relationship? Many end in heartbreak and sadness, sometimes with one person cheating, and the other hurt. I can avoid most of that by having a Sugar Daddy, plus living a lavish style that a traditional boyfriend may not be able to give me.

To all those that think negatively about Sugar Babies…

My advice is this: stop having tunnel vision! Just because a concept is foreign to you (which it really shouldn’t be because a man taking care of a woman goes back to the ancient times, I’m talking like B.C. and whatnot), but just in case the whole Sugaring world doesn’t make sense to you, learn about it before you judge, criticize, and shame others.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a Sugar Baby, it’s quite an empowering lifestyle to be picky and choosy and find one man worth my time. Also, for the last time Sugar Babies are not escorts or prostitutes, so stop comparing us! Being a Sugar Baby is not a business transaction, it’s about having a long-term arrangement with one man who can take care of me emotionally, physically, and financially, and to me that’s way better than a traditional relationship.