3 Ways Sugaring has Improved my Life

By TallBlond

Aug 08, 2018

If you’ve never experienced it, you don’t know what you are missing. Let me tell you, you are missing a lot. In my best and most current sugar relationship, I have experienced the most improvements in my life overall.

A mentor

Some read this and laugh it off. Depending on what your goals and ambitions are this could be the greatest richest improvement you can gain from sugaring. For me, I had an idea in 2017, went through a rough time mentally and emotionally, that idea was put on hold. Sugaring has allowed me to bring that idea back to life even stronger than before. Now I have more guidance and stronger financial support to reach my goals and to launch my idea in the upcoming year. The connections the lifestyle can open up for you as well could be tremendous when getting a business started if you decide to go this route as the possibilities are endless. The financial backing and connects were something I thought I would majorly struggle with when my idea first came to fruition but little did I know there was an exciting solution to my worries that I never thought I would have as an option.


Whether it’s for a rainy day, school, or that unexpected bill this has allowed me to strengthen my backup plan and stress much less when these things come up. Rainy days can sneak up on you, especially when you find yourself stuck in traffic and the coffee shop seems like a better plan. That is until you open your laptop and you have everything you could ever want to buy right in front of you. Its ok, to splurge a little on occasion. School can be a burden for most financially, but if you open your mind and get creative school may be closer to your fingertips than you ever thought. I don’t recommend sugar relationships being a primary source of income, but if you are in between jobs this could be a temporary plan. This could also be helpful for you if you are in between sugar relationships and need to have additional funds to take care of the extras. There is one last thing when it comes to saving or even investing if you choose to do so with your savings. Remembering to have an A, B, and C plan is always the best idea.


Some have it, some don’t. Every sugar relationship is different. That’s what so great about the sugar lifestyle. You and yours can make it whatever you want it to be. There are no hard and fast rules or guidelines to follow. Before I decided to check it out my life was work, work, work to get ahead and to live like no one else today so I could live like no one else in the future. While this sounds fantastic, it’s much harder when you actually do it. This has allowed me to have structure, discipline, and accomplish my goals, but to also have adventure, spontaneity, and excitement. I had goals when I found sugar relationships and I thought the only way to reach my goals were to just work and work some more. I was also ok with that, but life isn’t about just reaching the end goal, it is all about the journey. I learned that adventure is more than just ok and may have never been so open to it if I hadn’t found the “sugar lifestyle.” So open your computer, grab your bikini, and hang on for the next adventure!