Being a 40 Year Old Sugar Baby

By BikiniBody

Apr 21, 2017

Coming into the Sugar Bowl over 40 is a struggle. Last year I found out about SeekingArrangement and made a profile. During my first week on the site I met four men. All were curious about meeting me because of my age. It was through these conversations that I learned that very few late 30s SBs were in the Albuquerque area. This year I turned 40, here I have compiled my experience being a 40-year-old Sugar Baby.

Flaunt It

The title to my profile is “BikiniBody”. One of my public profile pictures is me in a bikini by the pool. Being sexy and alluring  is all about self-esteem. I have chosen to take care of my health and my body. I am convinced that if I can look 20 something at 40, my goal is to look 30 something when I’m 50!

Don’t Get Discouraged

The second man that I agreed to meet from SeekingArrangement had 52 years old as his age on his profile. In person he looked in his mid to late 70s. The man walked up to me and sat down at the Flying Star where we met. Trying to get over my shock that he looked nothing like the pictures, the man immediately began his ‘talk” regarding pricing for performing different sexual acts in the parking lot.

When I turned to my purse to leave, his conversation turned to belittling me for being “so old” in a pond full of “barely legal hotties.” I looked at him straight in the face as I stood up and said, “I look good enough AND look young enough to entice someone of your age, who is used to dating “barely legal hotties.” There was silence as I walked away. (Sugar Babies, always report abusive, threatening people who are luring you into breaking the law.)

Attracting The Right One

It is important to have a clear idea of who that ideal partner is. Some of the men that I met were marriage minded.This is what I’m also looking for. These POTS preferred SeekingArrangement over traditional dating because of the caliber of women on the site.
There are also much older gentlemen who contact me. They see me as a very young lady. I am happy to say that I have also received quite a few offers from men my age as well. However, because I am very clear on who I am looking for, I have chosen to stay available until meeting my ideal partner.

Why Sugar Daddies Look for Mature Sugar Babies

Sugar Daddies are often times searching for more mature Sugar babies. They have something to offer that the younger ones don’t. Every man that I met off SeekingArrangement, expressed their delight to meet a woman that knows who she is, is comfortable in her own skin, and has clear goals for the future.
Quite a large number of the men I’ve had conversations with expressed their desire to see more women in my age group. When I asked them why? They all mentioned the satisfaction of being able to have a conversation with meaning. They believe the woman must have a level of emotional maturity in order to have these types of deep understanding conversations. This emotional maturity can only be experienced with age, and they know this.

Lessons Learned

The most important lesson that I have learned is, knowing the importance of how to market myself. The “About You” and “Who You Are Looking For” sections are critical parts of your profile. You can make a powerful presence by differentiating yourself from the crowd with your words.

Also, having professional pictures along with silly selfies is a way of giving warmth to the profile. Being mindful of who you are, what your goals are, and who you are looking for is essential for a more successful experience.
It is a happy coincidence that my age has interestingly been one of the key factors that has attracted men to my profile. Like any type of dating, it is more important being comfortable with who you are and being aware of your worth than any age posted.
To my mature Sugar Babies, flaunt it because you can, don’t get discouraged, be clear on who your ideal partner is, and learn from my bumps in the road.