All About My First

By Candice

Oct 06, 2015

Once upon a time, almost two years ago, I was totally new to the Sugar World. As a Sugar Baby novice, I applied my lashes and lip gloss and set out to embark on my incredible journey through the Sugar World. Several Sugar Daddies later, my life has been enhanced with rich experiences, travels, and gifts. But first, let’s rewind and I’ll tell you all about my first…

To protect his identity, I’ll call him Josh. He was in his mid-30’s and lived in New York City. Even though I live in Philadelphia, the distance was not unbearable, and I was able to see him almost every weekend. Josh was a lawyer and also ran his own business. This was more than perfect, since at the time I was navigating the murky waters of hell, commonly known as the first year of law school. Josh was not only a perfect gentleman, but he gave great law school and business advice, not to mention he bought me a few Chanel bags and three pairs of Louboutins while we were together.

I felt like Josh and I truly had so much in common and he was easy to talk to. Our time was well spent, and we didn’t need to make plans in advance. We were no different than a traditional couple. Our dates would be as simple as ordering in Chinese and watching Netflix or as sophisticated as going to a five-star restaurant followed by a Broadway show in NYC. For me, it really didn’t matter what we did together, I enjoyed his company, and it was a wonderful arrangement. We truly had chemistry and that was very important in finding my first Sugar Daddy.

Several times throughout the course of our arrangement I even accompanied him to his work events when he traveled. He flew me out to Vegas, San Diego and Los Angeles. He had work events during the day, so I got to relax by the pool and work on my tan while my friends back in Philly were battling snow. On these trips he would also spoil me with an extravagant shopping spree and then we would have a nice dinner together.

Looking back now, I think one of the main reasons Josh and I worked so well was because we each had our separate lives and would rarely text or call each other when we were apart. I knew he had a busy work life and I was also swamped with reading for Torts among other subjects, so I never wanted to bother him during the day unless he contacted me first.

We both respected each other’s boundaries and it allowed us to have a more fulfilling relationship with no drama. It also made our time together that much better because we weren’t playing the constant texting game and actually had work and life updates among other things to talk about when we got together.

As with all good things however, it didn’t last forever. About eight months into our arrangement, Josh told me he was moving his business out to the west coast. He asked my opinion of what I wanted to do about our arrangement. It was still possible for me to see him maybe once or twice a month and I love the west coast, but I didn’t want to jeopardize what we had already established by trying long distance. I knew it was more than likely Josh would easily find another Sugar Baby who was local to LA and I would soon become too distant for us to continue.

I was unsure about sharing Josh with someone else and I wanted to end what we had on a high note. I told him I couldn’t do the distance, not because I didn’t want to, but because it just wasn’t practical. He agreed, and so we went our separate ways. We agreed to remain friends and keep in touch, but that’s always easier said than done. It’s now been a little over a year since I’ve spoken to him, yet writing this post has actually made me want to reach out and see how he is doing.

In the end however, Josh was everything I could have ever wanted in my first Sugar Daddy, and after my first experience, I was eager to see who else I would meet in the Sugar World. Flash forward to almost two years since I first met Josh, and I’ve had several SDs now. I guess I’m Sugar-blessed that they have all been great experiences.

But as they say…there’s nothing like your first!