Chronicle of an African Sugar Baby

By KristinaAfrica

Apr 28, 2017

My first few months on the site left much more to be desired. However, all was not lost in the land of Sugar. I explain it all in my chronicle of an African Sugar Baby.

The Chase

“Could I meet you at the Hilton in two hours?” he asked.

“Sure, I’ll see you then,” I replied before ending the call. Great! I finally got a date with a Potential Sugar Daddy and I only had an hour to get ready. I quickly jumped into the shower then frantically searched my wardrobe for a sexy yet classy dress to wear.

‘Aha! There it is,’ I said to myself as I grabbed my red bodycon dress from the back. I carefully snuggled into it and put on a pair of grey heels. Which left me with only ten minutes to put on some make-up.

Prior to this date, I had signed up to SeekingArrangement a few months back. I had gotten several messages from interested suitors but most felt that distance would be a hindrance to having an arrangement. After-all, most of the men viewing my profile were either in the U.S or Europe. At this point, I began feeling that the site would not work out for me. But all that changed when I met Edward.

Finding My Match

One day, I was catching up with my mail, and noticed that an S.D had added me as a favourite on the site. I checked out his profile and was impressed. He was an American, running a business in California and was also active in mentorship programmes. That plus his looks got my attention. My eyes lit up as I read his detailed profile and thought to myself that he may be the POT I was searching for. I was tempted to message him but considering my little luck so far, I decided not to.

Two days later, he sent me a message, explaining that he was coming to Kenya on business for a week and that he found me intriguing. My heart skipped a beat as I replied and asked him about the kind of arrangement he had in mind. He asked for my mobile number and called me that evening.

Hearing his voice on the phone reassured me that he was serious about meeting. He explained that he was looking for a local Sugar baby that he could be spending time with during his frequent trips to my city. I was happy that he wanted a long-term arrangement, which was what I was after.

Edward landed on a Tuesday and we had planned to have dinner that Friday. However, he found himself with some free time on Friday afternoon and called to ask if I wanted to meet up earlier than planned. I wasn’t up to much, so I agreed.

Running Late

Looking at my watch, I realized that I had exactly 30 minutes to get into town and walk to the Hilton. I dashed out of my bedsitter apartment and flagged down the first matatu (local bus) I saw and prayed there would be little traffic along the way.
Just as I got to town, I felt my phone vibrate. It was a message from Edward saying he was seated at the far end of the bar. I texted back saying I would be there in ten minutes. I quickly walked towards the hotel, dodging cars, people and hand carts on the road. It was rush hour mayhem!

I finally made to the Hilton and decided to make a dash for the bathroom to recheck my makeup. It looked fine. I put on some more of my matte lipstick and brushed my hair, which had become a bit messy during my walk. Finally, I straightened my dress and headed out, towards the bar. And there he was, seated on a lounge sofa, reading his iPad.

The Moment of Truth

‘Okay, just breathe and be confident,’ I coached myself before proceeding to where he sat. As his eyes looked up, I realized that he was even more handsome in real life. “Hi Kristina. How are you?” he asked, while getting up to give me a warm hug.

“I’m good Edward, thanks. Sorry for being late,” I sincerely apologized.

“No problem Kristina. I know you have travelled a long way to meet me,” he said with a smile. And with that, I felt a sense of relief.

We ordered a bottle of fine wine and later had dinner. The conversation between us flowed naturally and I liked his easy sense of humour.

We discussed the arrangement and he proposed to be giving me $1,000 every time he visited. This would be every 2 or 3 months, depending on his schedule. And on top of that, he would send me a lumpsum to get me off my feet and help me buy a car. I was absolutely blown away by his offer. The best gift I had ever received from a guy before was my current phone. I had to bite my lip to stop myself from crying…tears of joy, of course.


At the end of the dinner, he put me in a taxi to my place and an envelope containing $1000. I couldn’t believe how fast my luck was turning around.

The next day, he sent me a message saying he had initiated a bank transfer of $5000 into my account.
I was so ecstatic, as I begun window-shopping for my very first car. ‘I could get used to this,’ I thought to myself.