Coming Out as a Sugar Baby

By Amelia-Ve

Oct 05, 2016

Before telling anyone about your Sugar life, you must ask yourself what has brought you to this point. Often we look for validation in others to ensure we’re making the right decisions. But remember, you are in control of your life and should never let anyone come between you and your lifestyle choice.

We always say this, but it’s so true. Confidence is key in being a successful Sugar Baby, which requires you to be self assured in what you’re doing. Get on social media to meet other Sugar Babies, or use the Sugar Sisters forums. Build a network of like minded individuals who you can speak with freely about Sugaring without the fear of judgement. There is a friendly Sugar community on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr with Sugars giving tips and support to each other. This is a great way to create close friends who truly understand your lifestyle.

But if you think it’s time to take the reins on coming out as a Sugar Baby, heed these warnings and take my advice for a smooth transition to openness. You’ll feel better once you are honest with yourself and with others.

Understand Your Audience

If you do make the choice to tell friends or family, first you have to understand your audience. You don’t want to tell a judgmental family member and be shunned, so you have to ask yourself – will this person accept me afterwards? Personally I wouldn’t sit my entire family down and make it a big issue because that will make them more worried and lead them to believe it is something wrong.

Choose a relaxed setting such as dinner or normal conversation. Gauge what sort of opinion they already have on the Sugar lifestyle and bring it up every so often – use the old “I have a friend who…” or “I was watching a tv show…” line and see what their views are. From this you can see whether or not it’s appropriate to tell them. If they seem to be a little open minded and you feel comfortable and safe sharing this with them then move to the next step.

Help Them Understand You

Explain to them that this is a decision you’re happy with and it’s your way of living the lifestyle you want. Let them know how you stay safe to help them get to a place of understanding. Furthermore you need to show that you are content with the lifestyle and you are in control. Family and true friends main concern usually is your happiness and safety so reassurance by you is a good idea. Perhaps letting them know where and when you’re on dates so they can have peace of mind is a good token to offer.

The Aftermath

Letting someone know about your Sugaring requires trust. You may want discretion from other friends or family, and you have to let them know that. Ensure you tell trustworthy people, and be cautious that revealing this could backfire. Once you tell someone, your secret is out there and they will always have the power to tell people what you do, and you need to be ok with that.
After telling them, note the reactions. Has there been any fallout? Consider how to manage that fallout, and whether the people around you are real friends based on that reaction. Coming out about the Sugar lifestyle means you could lose a friend, but the ones who remain are your Sugar support.