Sugar Confession

By Candy Stackz

Jul 24, 2018

In my senior year of high school, I worked at a local restaurant in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. At this particular restaurant I was a hostess, and then I got promoted to be a server. I loved my job so much, it was to the point that I was working so many hours, I was forced to take a few days off. I liked the job because it kept me busy, I made fairly decent money, and of course, I was a favorite among male customers because I was the pretty young girl with the too short shorts. Anyways, just like I was a favorite with the men. I had my favorite male customers. The ones who I gave my number too, went out with, and of course, the ones that left BIG tips. Most of the men were just customers and it remained that way, on the other hand, there were a few that had evolved into very beneficial relationships that were successful. These particular men have been very influential in my life, and have supported me through very tough times. However, among these men, there is one that I do not keep in touch with, and hopefully, by sharing with you my story I can hopefully get in touch with him. Who was this special man? He was indeed my first sugar daddy

His name was Louis.

It’s funny because I remember it like it was yesterday. The day I first met him that is. He came in towards the end of my shift, an asked if he could take a seat on the patio. I nodded and smiled, and escorted him to a nice covered fanned table. He then told me more guests will join him. I smiled and went back into my job eager to have another encounter with this man. When he walked in he was breathtaking. He was a very educated, tall, charming, handsome, business professional, and did I mention handsome? He was light skin with a caramel skin tone, muscular, and a sexy smile. He wore designer jeans, Prada shoes, a Rolex, and a navy blue Ralph Lauren Polo. His choice of fragrance was what I recognized to be Creed It wasn’t any flaw about him at all. I somehow made my way back to his table. His friend had joined him, and we exchanged witty banter back and forth until eventually he finally asked for my number. I promise you I could not spit out my digits fast enough. Eventually, I had to go back to the booth and assist some customers.

After helping people get their food, I went to go check on my new boo. This goes round the conversation wasn’t just us flirting. He wanted to know about me. I told him about starting college, and how my mom and I were struggling to come up with money to get to Indiana. He wanted to know my major which at the time was political science. What I was interested in, what I liked, and when I could see him outside of work. I smiled and I told him anytime because I sure as hell was going to make time, and even call off work if I had to. At this point, he was wrapping up his meal, and paying out his check. I was back at the booth waiting for management approval to go home. After Louis paid, he came in and handed me his business card. He made it for certain that we did not lose contact, and it’s strange we are no longer in touch. Along with his card, he handed me something else. I looked and it was $100 bill. I was swooning out the door because soon after that I got a text from him expressing to me how it was so nice meeting me.

The next day I was so ready to meet him.

Luckily I was not scheduled to work. He picked me up at Lenox Mall in an all white Rolls Royce. We drove a few miles to Flip Burger, where we had milkshakes and burgers. We had a nice lunch that ended without our first kiss. We then when to the oriental hotel.No, I know what you are thinking we did not have sex. Instead, we talked had drinks, and basically, I danced for him.

At this time in my life, I was fresh out of high school eager to get to the money and had basically found my way into two worlds. The World of Sugarbaby and the World of Exotic dancing. I got hired at a local strip club and had been dancing and waiting tables. Why was I working so much? I like money and nice things, but honestly, I was being forced to go to college out of state and had the financial burden of college expenses weighing heavy on my back. I needed to some type of bag, and I had to do it quickly because Summer is always over before you know it. I was honest with Louis about my double lifestyle and he accepted me. I danced for him. He gave me an envelope with $200, and once again I was on Cloud 9. He dropped me off at home and told me he would be in touch.

After our first encounter and first date, Louis would call and check on me regularly. He told me very little about his life. I just know he was always busy with work, had a kid, and was, of course, double my age. I honestly didn’t care to know too much about him. I was just so happy I was eating good and getting money. Then he, of course, complimented me, and things just felt right for the moment. Especially, if I was having a horrible day. With our little talks throughout the day, and his help financially. Things were good. Louis and I continued to meet regularly. He spoiled me with jewelry and nice dinners.

We met plenty of times before we finally became intimate.

Our first time was at our favorite hotel. We went to Seasons 22, and then back to the room. I’m not going to lie I was very nervous and had only been with a few guys. I knew he was older, and yes he was attractive, but it was one thing being sexually attracted to him. However, that little doubt in my mind quickly disappeared with the first touch, kiss, and stroke. It was better than I expected. We showered, dressed, and then I made my way home. We parted ways, and that’s when he handed me the infamous envelope with my earnings in it. Pretty soon Louis and I had a regular weekly routine. I officially was a sugar baby in a happy arrangement with my sugar daddy.

Summer begin winding down, and I became a bit greedy and needy. I wanted more time, more gifts, and even more money. Louis and I would have little arguments due to him not always giving me what I want. What at first was a walk in heaven was on the path to hell. We would get mad at each other and not speak to each other for days. School was approaching and Louis was going through some of his own personal problems. His money seemed to be running low when he was backing out on commitments. Pretty soon my number changed. I lost touch. While in school he would send money from time to time, but we lost touch.

Then one day, I had not spoken to him for a long time and had decided to call him. Once, I dialed I was notified that he too had changed his number. Sadden, I gave up then and there. I didn’t Google him. I didn’t try to find him on Facebook. Why? At this point in my dance career, I was talking customers out their pockets, had better financial opportunities, and had graduated from amateur dancer to novice dancer. I really felt betrayed, then wondered if maybe he got into some legal trouble. All in all, I felt like he left me behind, and he introduced me to the game, so what’s it to find another sugar daddy.

Louis just didn’t give me money. That’s not why I liked him. I liked him because he set the bar for not only how I was to be treated, but also taught me so much about myself, and aided in my growth. Will i look for Louis again? The answer is yes. It was not just his money that attracted me, but his looks, personality, and charm was alluring. I enjoyed the time I spent with him, and I sure as hell want him to see me now! Louis’ sugarbaby isn’t so sweet, and is all grown up now.