Confessions of a Mature Sugar Baby

By Annalise

Jul 30, 2017

When first joining the Sugar Bowl it is easy to assume that you won’t be the desired type. The stereotype makes people believe that there is no variety in Sugar Babies but that’s not the case at all. This anonymous submission shows that age is no set back in the Bowl. Older ladies I hope you take heed to these confessions of a mature Sugar Baby and feel just as confident with your Sugar Sisters!

First Impressions

When I first heard about Seeking Arrangement I thought I would be too old. I thought that Sugar Daddies were only interested in beautiful 20-somethings. I was 48 but had stayed in excellent shape and I take pretty good care of myself. The idea of Seeking Arrangement intrigued me so I joined anyway without having too high of expectations.

After joining, I was pleasantly surprised to find a full inbox. What I came to find was that some older Daddies prefer a Baby closer to their own age. They like being able to connect on a variety of things like music and historical references. “Age appropriate” came up when a Daddy was sensitive about how he appeared in public with a Baby. They also liked that I was already established, having a career and a home. Being done with the child bearing phase of my life was also a plus!

What Worked for Me

As I spent time sifting through POTs it became important for me to have a strategy. In order to really focus on what I was seeking, I purchased a premium membership. I found that younger didn’t work for me so I specifically stated my preferred age range and used filtered searches including age. The area where I lived didn’t have a broad enough pool so I extended my search beyond my area. I added a few other deal breaker/maker items to my search and now I am primarily in contact with POTs that are a good fit for me.

I am still searching for the “One” but I have had a lot of fun along the way. Traveling to meet POTs has become my version of little mini-vacations. My ideas about what a desirable arrangement looks like have evolved. I am moved more and more away from looks of the man. Instead, I now focus the fit of the arrangement. This has enhanced the overall experience. Regardless if I find my dream Daddy or not, had I dismissed Seeking Arrangement as just for younger women, I would have missed out on a really valued experience in my life. I am so glad that I didn’t!