Daddy Leaves the Sugar Bowl

By Downtown LA SD

Dec 25, 2016

When a Sugar Daddy leaves the Sugar Bowl, it can leave his Sugar Baby (and sometimes his wife) in an unsettling position. About a month ago my run of 8+ years in the Sugar Bowl abruptly ended. My wife opened one of my credit card bills and saw hotel charges, and I had no explanation except for a confession.

Not a full confession, mind you – I don’t want to spend the rest of my life without my wife and kids – but enough to where she fully understood that I had been sleeping with someone else. When a Sugar Daddy leaves the Sugar Bowl, it can leave his Sugar Baby (and sometimes his wife) in an unsettling position.

We’re working through it, and we’re both committed (so far) to staying together and resolving an issue surrounding sex in our marriage that had been a long time in the making. So far this has been a highly emotional time. And liberating, at least for me. I’d always preferred to do this openly, and sneaking around for eight years had definitely taken its toll.

The Beginning of the End

One of the things I had to do immediately was to end my “affair” with my SB, or “mistress,” as my wife called her. That was easy to do, at least on my end. A short text saying I had to end our time together and for her not to contact me again, and it was done.

Of course, my SB contacted me the next day expressing confusion but agreeing that things were over. I managed to explain what had happened and she fully understood and agreed to move on. Luckily this was amicable.

No Drama

Over the next couple weeks, while I tended to my wife’s damaged trust and she came to terms with her role in all of this, I started dismantling my hidden life. I contacted all of my POTs. All the little “rain checks” I had set up for myself in case things with my current SB didn’t work out.

I let them know why I was, as far as they were concerned, permanently off the market. With every one of them, the response was the same: “Oh no, I’m so sorry. Thanks for letting me know. Take care and good luck.”

While my ego wanted more than this, perhaps something like, “If your situation changes, please text me, I’d love to see you again,” I knew that this was as it should be. Any Sugar Baby involved with a married Daddy must know that things can be over in an instant.

It’s proper to back off if you receive a text like the one I sent. Of course some Daddies might not be as forthcoming and will simply ghost you out of existence, leaving you forever guessing. In either case, move on and don’t question it.

I did manage to reach out to my former SB a few weeks ago. Partly out of guilt for how I had to drop her, but also because I missed her. We had a nice text exchange, but I could tell her guard was up and she was maintaining a healthy distance with me. Smart girl, no wonder I liked her!

My Advice to You

The married Daddy who supports his Sugar Baby can provide some much-sought-after stability and a NSA relationship. But if it ends abruptly, a Baby can find themselves out in the winter cold without a coat.

Some SDs provide a credit card, but that would be shut down the next day. No more Choos for you! Your rent might be too high without his assistance. Better get a roommate or it’s time to move! Your tuition might be in jeopardy.

Applying for financial aid or a student loan can help. But if you’re smart, you have a job, and have put aside money for rainy days like this. You’ve also chosen a place and neighborhood you can actually afford, and won’t be immediately priced out if the arrangement ends. No Sugar Baby should grow too dependent on her Daddy, because Sugar simply isn’t a good source of sustainable cash.

It’s Your Arrangement

Selecting a Sugar Daddy works better if you keep your options open with regard to marital status. Or perhaps you just have less tolerance for volatility in your life. You could opt for a single man, but they come with their own set of challenges, don’t they?

Most of you did not enter the Sugar Bowl to find a boyfriend. An available man who unexpectedly gets the feels can be just as destabilizing as a married man who suddenly bolts because he failed to cover his tracks well enough to avoid getting caught by his wife. See: me.

In all cases, ask questions, demand clear answers, trust your gut, and then hope for the best while preparing for the worst. No one said the Bowl would be easy, but it sure is (or for me, has been) fun!