Didn’t Know He Was Married?

By Jasmin

Apr 26, 2017

Like anyone we come across in life we all have secrets. Secrets that we don’t want certain people finding out. Although bad, most Sugar Daddies keep major secrets away from us. Major secrets such as being married.

Now if you’re like me you would probably cry yourself to sleep in disbelief that you were involved with a man who is married. It’s not easy for you, or your conscious to come to terms with the guilt that faces you…but is it your fault?

No it’s not, and that’s what I want you guys to know in today’s article. He (your Sugar Daddy) did not make you aware that he was married – that, and he not addressing it anywhere on his SeekingArrangement profile. There are so many ways to try to deal with this situation:


Confront him with how you’re feeling about it, but tread lightly
If it’s bothering you let him know it’s bothering you. Ask him why he kept his marriage a secret from you and try to find a resolve. Chances are he will tell you that he’s been having issues within his marriage and he is currently separated from his wife. This may true. However at this point, it’s kind of an awkward situation. You don’t want to blow things out of proportion as you both did not agree to a romantic relationship, however, it can also be a low blow because you’ve been discreetly meeting with a married man!

Back To The Drawing Board

If it bothers you, move on
If you now knowing his marital status and it bothers you to the point of distress move on. We get it shit happens, but it’s not as though the two of you were romantically tied to one another. There are plenty of single and wealthy sugar daddies on the market. You can easily filter your perfect SD to your liking on SeekingArrangement’s filter system when making a search. When you do find potentials, don’t make the same mistake of not asking them of their relationship status first. Instead, make sure this is one of the first things you ask them. Even if their profile says otherwise.

My Lips Are Sealed

There are plenty of Sugar Babies out there who do already spend time with married men. Whether it’d be a platonic arrangement or not. They know that it’s none of their business what goes down in their Sugar Daddy’s home life,nor does it phase them one bit. Although this imposes a risk the risk does not fall on them. It falls on him. Would it be easier to disregard and continue on with your arrangement? Or would it be too much of a financial burden to have the risk of finding someone like your current SD or better?

Do You, Boo

Now with all of this said, no matter what route of action you decide to take, remember to always tread lightly. This is a delicate matter, which could scare your Sugar Daddy away. Whether he is married or not do what you believe is right for you. It would be more appropriate for you to leave him to avoid further conflicts than for you to stay and be guilt ridden. Another factor to take into consideration is the type of arrangement you have both agreed to.

If it has proven to be purely platonic, and he just prefers to have a pretty lady by his side from time to time, then of course there’s absolutely no harm in that. However, if you both agreed for your arrangement to consist of things that wouldn’t seem to appropriate with a with a married man, then from one Sugar Baby to another, the best advice I could give you is to reevaluate your situation make a decision based on that.
Always remember, if you weren’t aware of his marital status from the beginning, then it’s not your fault. It’s his.