My Emotions Almost Ruined My Arrangement

By Jasmin

Aug 06, 2017

We get it ladies, it’s hard. Emotions have a way of controlling the way we do things and how we react to certain situations, This in turn, affects a large majority of the people we talk to and the things we do. Having an SD shouldn’t fall short of this. At a point in my sugaring, my emotions almost ruined my arrangement.

Understanding the Basics

Understanding beforehand that some men would just prefer to splash out a small percentage of their income on a pretty companion with ’no strings attached’, as they would say, is something that should be embedded in your mind long before you even consider sugar dating. I’m not saying you should completely rule out the chances of love, but a lot of sugar daddies have so much on their plate and would much prefer to steer clear from the serious, more traditional route of dating. It could also be the same for you.

A lot of sugar babies, like myself, prefer to stay under the radar romantically to avoid distraction and to focus more on their careers. Instead of seeking out a traditional relationship, many sugar babies prefer to have that one companion (in this instance, an SD), to spoil them with gifts and money to help turn their dreams and aspirations into reality.

Stay Focused on the Present Moment

Being a sugar baby should encourage you to keep busy during your day. Of course, it is lovely to live a luxury lifestyle with unlimited champagne on demand and weekly shopping trips to Harrods. There is however, only so much of that you can do before (1) not only do you fall in love with the lifestyle, but (2) you end up falling for the source of the lifestyle – your sugar daddy. It’s happened to the best of us, but only because we allow it to happen. Allow your mind to disengage with the thought of potentially being his Mrs, and stay focused on the ‘now’; live in the moment and enjoy it.

To turn things around, there have been instances when the SB is the one who puts off the thought of any kind of relationship beginning to form, yet the SD constantly chases her around with the intention of allowing the two to become romantically involved with each other. This is because he can see that you have other ambitions and goals instead of just being a sugar daddy relying on him as a primary source of income. He loves that and he may eventually fall in love with you because of that. What’s worse? You chasing after him, or him chasing after you? Depending on what kind of person you are, the answer will differ, but if you have a specific mindset on this, I would expect you to go for the latter.

A Reality Check

Last year, I met an extremely wealthy man on SeekingArrangement. He had it all, and as any SB who enjoys the finer things in life, I was over the moon! I felt as though I hit a jackpot, but as the months went on, he knew it. He knew that all I could see was the all-inclusive holidays abroad, the fancy French wines, the luxury designer brands, the cars….he knew it. That not only made him drift away from me slightly after a while, but it also made me seem as though I had nothing other than him. That I hadn’t set myself short or long term goals.

Two months later, he told me that he was seeing two other SB’s and that made me livid! The thought of sharing him just made my blood boil, so I did everything in my power to try to ‘keep him’ and prevent him from looking at other ladies. It was only when my businesses got extremely busy in the middle of the year and had a sudden drastic incline, that he began to realize I wasn’t, in fact, reliant on him and I did have a life. It was only then that he began calling and texting me endlessly, wanting to meet at any given moment. He even told me he had stopped talking to other SB’s for the sake of ‘building our relationship’. Whether or not I believed him is a different story, but it just made me think. Sugar daddies have every right to protect their money and their assets, and he in particular was probably just worried about giving everything to someone who doesn’t want to work for anything herself.

The moral of the story ladies, is keep yourself busy! A sugar daddy is exactly what he is. Ask yourself this question, how would you feel if you knew someone other than your legal dependents is depending on you and only you financially, emotionally and physically? I’ll leave you to sleep on that.