Entering the Sugar Bowl After Age 50

By BelleC

Apr 06, 2017

Although I can’t see the profiles of other Sugar Babies on SeekingArrangement, I’m told by a handsome sugar-platonic friend that there are descriptions of many Babies like myself… older… wiser… ‘seasoned’ women. This is what I learned entering the Sugar Bowl after age 50.

Age is Only a Number

Last summer a girlfriend told me about SeekingArranagement.  It wasn’t until this past Valentine’s Day when I really checked it out. I decided to set up a profile.  At first I didn’t expect much — given my “passed-prime” age.  Within minutes of my profile being approved, I began receiving messages from interested Daddies whose ages range from as young as 33, to as old as 76.

Nearly all of these Daddies are well-educated, interesting and highly successful in their careers.  In conversations with these gentlemen, I have found that those who list the highest assets ($50 to $100 million) tend to be the most cerebral. They seek babies who exude intelligence and grace.

The Proper Chemicals for Just the Right Mix

Something that has always appealed to me in a man is his intellect and zest for knowledge.  I like hanging with successful highbrows and intellectuals. I genuinely find them interesting.  When I wrote my profile I emphasized this fact and boom!  I’ve been able to attract exactly the type of potential SD that I was seeking.

Of course a handsome Daddy is important.  But to me, a smart mind and an engaging personality are just as crucial when mixing chemistry in the bowl.

Independent = Sexy

I will admit that as a newbie I have re-read and tweaked my profile several times. This was in order to highlight elements of my personality that I believe will be interesting to the type of Sugar Daddy I’m seeking.  I’ve also added several pictures and mentioned my other interests, such as skiing, fine dining, art museums, politics and the roller coaster ride of being an entrepreneur with my own business.

You don’t need to be a seasoned Sugar Baby to know that Potential Daddies want to know that you have outside interests that excite and fuel your daily life.  In fact, it’s downright sexy to be an active, goal-oriented and independent woman!

Be the Genuine Article

Always be honest when describing yourself and your interests.  I’ve already found that potential Sugar Daddies may ask you questions directly relating to something you’ve stated in your profile. This is  because they are genuinely interested in learning more about you.

Just recently a POT asked me about challenges I have faced in starting my own business and how I overcame them.  You need to be prepared to expand on things that you’ve said about yourself.  The only way to do that in a genuine manner is to be honest from the start. Don’t brag or exaggerate your background.

Educate Yourself

I’ve watched YouTube videos and read nearly every blog post on LetsTalkSugar to better understand this lifestyle. I wanted to learn the expectations of Sugar Daddies and Babies; how to stay safe; how to gracefully negotiate an arrangement; what to wear to a first meeting… you name it.  Being able to access all of this information in one place has boosted my confidence.  And it has put me in a more secure position to identify the genuine Daddies, versus those who are just looking to hook up or waste my time.

On Both Sides of Sugaring, Age Offers Quality

Finally, just a little over a month into entering the bowl, I am already balancing my schedule to accommodate multiple POT meet and greets!  Two daddies have offered allowances and arrangement terms; both of which are under consideration.  It’s true that it takes time to find the right SD, but I’m very encouraged by the quality of Daddies who are out there.

Older sugar babies have a lot to offer in a sugar relationship!  I’m thrilled to find that not only can we enter the bowl with grace, style and confidence, but that we are welcomed by Daddies who appreciate us on a sexy cerebral level as well!