Falling for Your Sugar Daddy

By Keillen

Oct 04, 2016


So, you’re falling for your Sugar Daddy? You’ve gone from NSA to catching feelings. You’re not the first Sugar Baby to fall for their Sugar Daddy, but it does bring a whole new dimension and ramifications to your arrangement.

Accept It and Proceed Accordingly

It’s vital to acknowledge the change in your feelings early on. Before taking action, examine exactly what it is you’re in love with. Is it truly your Sugar Daddy or is it everything he brings into your life? Would you love him if he were a traditional boyfriend, possibly struggling financially, living in a one bedroom apartment?

If you answered yes, your feelings are most likely genuine. Unfortunately this does not mean you’re in for a sweet ride (see below).  If however, you are in love with your Sugar Daddy for the Sugar – you have two options. Either way: You have now unintentionally changed the foundation of your arrangement and it is up to you to proceed with caution.

Share Your Feelings?

Even if you have genuine love for your Sugar Daddy, be prepared for a bomb to be dropped. As mentioned before, most Sugar Daddies take Sugar Babies because they don’t want another wife or girlfriend. Period.

Chances are: once you reveal your feelings, you will irreparably change the dynamic of your arrangement, your Sugar Daddy will become confused, stressed, apprehensive, and quite possibly angry. Now, there are instances where this doesn’t happen but it can lead to tension either way. This can not be stated enough.

I’m sorry Sugar Sister – the fairytale doesn’t always happen and you’re not honoring yourself nor your Sugar Daddy if you expect (or hope for) feelings in return. You can tell him where you’re at, but be prepared for the not-so-sweet-reality that he will likely not give you the relationship you seek. He’ll be coming at this news with self-preservation in mind. Granted, if he’s a gentleman, he won’t be mean or hurtful, but he might be definite in his next actions.

Revealing your feelings to your Sugar Daddy is not an option in my opinion if you want things to continue on in the same way they were before. It’s up to you whether you can hold them in and ride it out, or if you need to come clean.

In love with the Sugar  

If you have feelings for your Sugar Daddy but realize you really love the Sugar he showers upon you then you basically have two options. Each option has its own pros and cons.

Option #1: Acknowledge the feelings to yourself, keep them under wraps, and carry on.

Pros: This option allows you to continue to enjoy the wonderful Sugar you receive from your Sugar Daddy while keeping a Sugar Daddy that you obviously care about. It’s the most pleasant option. You get what you want from someone you like.

Cons: It’s not a state secret that trying to keep your feelings in check can potentially be a huge challenge. Most can do this for a period of time but typically the things do not end well if you can’t keep your emotions in check. If you think you can balance your emotions with other interests or simply keep them under control, then Option #1 may work for you.

Option #2: End the arrangement.

End the arrangement? But I love him and the Sugar! Well, Sugar Sister, this is the stone cold reality: you made an arrangement which likely did not involve emotions. Sugar Daddies (of course there are exceptions) enter into arrangements because they trust and feel comfortable with their Baby and there is an attraction.

Trust me, they will shower you with Sugar, text you sweet nothings, pay you attention but they are on guard against the “bat shit crazy” factor. Most men are, even if they’re not Sugar Daddies. Your Sugar Daddy has a lot at stake. If he senses his Sugar Baby is becoming attached, too clingy, or may pose a threat to his life outside the Sugar Bowl then guess what… You’re on the way out. I’ve seen it happen and it isn’t always a gentle release.

Pros: You save yourself the emotional turmoil and heartache, save him the fear and stress, and simply end the arrangement before it gets out of hand. If he asks you why, you can tell him, but still be determined to end things and move on. Do not try and manipulate things to stay. This will only make things more stressful and messy, trust me. End the arrangement and move on with class and style. He will respect you and you will respect yourself for having handled things appropriately.

Cons: Obviously you lose your Sugar Daddy and the Sugar he gives you but this truly may be the best way forward, ironically.

You entered the Sugar Bowl with an awareness of how things go. Honor yourself, respect the guidelines and arrangements, respect your Sugar Daddy and stay true to the Sweet Life!