Finding a Second Sugar Baby

By BelleC

Oct 11, 2017

It started as an admission.  As confident and worldly as he is, my handsome Sugar Daddy told me that he had never experienced the attention of two Sugar Babies at the same time.  “I’d love to make that dream a reality for you, Daddy!” I told him.  And thus began my effort to form the perfect sugar trio. 

Finding Our New Friend

We determined together that the best way to find a Sugar Baby to join our relationship was to set up a separate account on Seeking Arrangement. That would highlight exactly what we were looking for.   Since both of us are in our 50s, we wanted to engage with someone who had some life experience.  Intelligence and independence in a Sugar Baby are important to us. So we kept that in mind when writing the profile description. 

My Sugar Daddy was more than happy to pay for a premium gentleman’s account. He gave me full access to pick and choose potential Sugar Babies at my discretion.  Our profile described in detail what we were looking for. We posted a few photos of ourselves to share with interesting Sugar Baby POTs. 

Lazy Sugar Babies Lose!

What I learned right off the bat is that there are many  Here’s a tip, girls… READ THE PROFILE. Mention something from it in your first message to a POT!  Don’t simply share photos without a message.  And most definitely, don’t ask to see private photos without so much as a “Hello!” 

Lazy babies aside, we did receive a good number of messages from some really great potential sugar partners.  After doing some serious vetting with Daddy, we agreed that I should have a meet and greet with “Francesca,” a 36-year-old intellectual beauty. 

The Meet and Greet

Francesca and I exchanged several messages and texts. We set up a lunch meeting at my favorite spot near the White House.  When I arrived she was seated at a table outside.  She looked more beautiful in person than in her photos. I was so pleased.  Francesca arose from her seat with a warm smile and gave me a welcoming hug. 

All the texting we had done before our first meeting provided us with enough data to have lots of things to discuss.  (One thing for sure… girls know how to talk!)  We chatted about our backgrounds, education, political views, needs, desires, and why we both entered the Sugar Bowl. It was like a fabulous meeting with a long-lost sister!

Fortunately, I have a rapport with the restaurant management where we lunched. When our stay exceeded three hours of giggling and story-telling, they moved us inside to a private dining room where we could really engage in some serious talk.  Although Francesca is 18 years my junior, we determined that we’re both entrepreneurial Washingtonians. We clicked like Legos!  Near the end of our four-hour meet-and-greet, we took a selfie together; sent it to my Sugar Daddy, and set up a time and date for the three of us to get together.

In the meantime, Francesca shared her arrangement terms with me. I communicated those terms to Daddy.  I encouraged her to address the sugar relationship with him directly prior to their first meeting.  I’ve found that Francesca is a very direct gal who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it.

Here’s to the Beginning of Something Great!

When the day arrived, Francesca and I drove together to see our Sugar Daddy at his exquisite home on a 300-acre estate.  He answered the door with open arms, glasses of champagne for each of us, and a happy toast to a new dynamic that I’ll be blogging about for days to come. 

Yes, our relationship has changed with the addition of  But that’s ok.  I don’t see us exactly as a ‘threesome.’  I prefer to describe our new sugar dynamic as a close and affectionate trio.  It’s fun!  We’re connected on a level that is beyond carnal. 

When all parties are open to new experiences and the chemistry is right, trust, passion and real friendship can reach a level that’s unprecedented.