My First Meet With A Potential Sugar Daddy

By Princess Aly

Feb 27, 2017

First dates are a super nerve-wracking experience that make even the coolest Sugar Baby sweat! Here is what I learned when I dove head-first into the Sugar Bowl.

Fresh On The Sugar Scene

Fresh on the sugar scene, I was far too eager to worry about the dangers of going on a date with a POT or potential Sugar Daddy. I was beyond naïve. I was downright gullible and full of excitement. 

My inbox began to fill with messages riddled with compliments and private photo invites. Amongst the messages one stood out. Unlike all the others, this gentleman had written out a lovely message describing himself and what he was looking for. My little heart skipped a beat. I had struck sugar daddy gold! 

We messaged for days and got to know each other better. Then came the dreaded next step: he wanted to meet face to face. Once I  read the inquiry on my phone screen my heart sank. My family doesn’t know I entered the Sugar Bowl. Since I’m just leaving high school I don’t have a car of my own. Finding a ride is tricky. The problem is my only friend that knew what I was doing had work. She wasn’t an option. I was penniless and finding a ride is going to be tough.

Stay Safe!

I maintained my touch with reality and I agreed to meet him at a Starbucks another town over. We met early in the morning. This ensures I won’t run into any familiar faces.

The date was set and now I have to pick out an outfit. I want to wear something that was classy yet cute. I didn’t want to be mistaken for a young kid. With it still being winter and somewhat chilly I opted for a simple outfit. Black jeans, blue button up shirt (not buttoned all the way up), and tall boots.

As I walked up to the door the reality of what I was doing sets in.

What am I doing?

Am I really about to meet someone who was a complete stranger just days before?

I contemplated not going in at all, turning around, going home, and forgetting this ever happened. But instead I found a little ounce of courage. I strolled through the door as if I had done this a million times.

I spotted my date sitting in the back. His photos did him no justice. For a man well in his fifties he could have easily passed for ten years younger. His graying hair matched well with his slightly tanned complexion. I was in awe as I sat at the table with him. I was totally oblivious to any stares being thrown our way.

Don’t Forget Your Getaway

We chatted for nearly two hours. We talked about books, personality types, the differences between our generations, and everything in between. However, the time came for us to part ways. But silly me forgot to plan out my exit. The gentleman, sensing my panic, offered to drive me home. I accepted thinking not only was he charming and handsome, but willing to save a damsel in distress.

I got into the car without a care in the world. As we drove, we chatted a bit more. I didn’t expect him to take me home so I didn’t have an alternative location in mind for him to take me. He pulled up in front of my house and we kissed goodbye.

Lesson Learned

Though all went well on my first date, I learned a lot from this experience. Planning transportation is an absolute must if you don’t want to end up trapped (don’t get in cars with strangers).