I Found Love In The Sugar Bowl

By ErinIncognito

Apr 22, 2016

Disclaimer: I do not recommend ever looking for a traditional relationship in the Sugar Bowl. SDs look for arrangements so that they don’t have to worry about the complications that come with a traditional relationship.

We were laying there, cuddled up and looking into each other’s eyes. We were silent, just enjoying each other’s company. Lately, we’d gotten closer than your average SB/SD. I knew that we had formed a deeper connection . I looked down and nuzzled my head in his chest. “I love yo- this,” he said. My eyes got wide, I was wondering if he just really stopped himself from telling me that he loved me. I echoed, “I love this.” He responded with, “I love you.” I had found love in the Sugar Bowl.

I was shocked. I had been secretly wondering if he felt as strongly as I did. I got my answer. He stuttered for a second: “I mean it. I love you.” I smiled and looked up at him with more confidence than I ever thought I could have.  “So, does that scare you?” He asked me after a while. “It scares the heck out of me. This isn’t what I was looking for, but it’s worth it.”


Allow me to back up. We were both in the sugar bowl for the same reason- we had been hurt before and wanted some casual companionship. We agreed on NSA, but we had a connection from the very beginning. I fought it. I knew the general rule to not fall in love with your SD. I didn’t want a relationship – I was honestly scared of them and I had come to the conclusion that love wasn’t for me. I felt like I would never find anyone that I could love and who could love me back. But, I knew from the first time we met that this was so much more than an arrangement.


So here I am, in love with an amazing guy and ready to see where this takes us. I have transitioned from being a Sugar Baby to being a part of a more traditional relationship. I became a walking cliché. I wasn’t looking for love, but love found me. I found someone who is worth it.