The Gracious Return at Burj Al Arab

By BronzedSugarUK

Nov 05, 2015

While in Dubai, I was invited to dinner at the Burj Al Arab, the only 7 star hotel in the world. I dined on delicious caviar, oysters, and fifty year old white wine. I also had the best pasta of my life. I was surrounded by a close friend, her Sugar Daddy, my Arab POT, his guests of honor, a couple who actually met on SeekingArrangement. I wore my new dress by a Dubai designer.

If there ever was a moment I wanted to make sure my etiquette, outfit and manners were on point, It was this then. It is by far my most favorite dining experience of my Sugar life.

However, amidst the aged wine, perfect cocktails, and a couple of Vodka shots. I stood up to go to the dining room and walked smack into a mirrored wall. In all honesty I’m glad I didn’t walk into the aquarium.

This moment had the potential to be the most embarrassing moment of my life. Here I am in one of the most expensive hotels in the world, and without a second thought, I walk into my own reflection!

But here’s the thing, the old me would have apologized to my guests profusely, she would have spent the rest of the night in silence, she would have avoided eye contact out of fear that she would see judging looks.

Growing up as a woman changes you. Surrounding yourself with motivated, mannered and sophisticated people rubs off. So as I turned around to face my guests, I thought, how can I embrace this moment? Better yet, how can I use this moment to my advantage?

That night, as our hosts laughed and told their guest of honor about my unfortunate encounter with my reflection, I laughed alongside them. I played the cute innocent girl when the waiter offered me more wine and my POT said “No more for her, she must have thought it was juice!”

During the random reminders of my accident, I jokingly told the table how it was all plot to break the ice (literally) and smooth over some previous tension. The next day, in the Emirates tower, when my host told a new bunch of guests what had happened the previous night, I turned the tables around and pinned the accident on my guests, claiming it was their intention to give me so much alcohol. Finally, in the Rolls Royce, when my POT drove me to the airport, he told me, that was a night he would always remember and I am the girl he will never forget.

Now, I’m not perfect. That night I didn’t keep a tab on just how much wine was being refilled in my glass, but if you ask me, I handled that situation perfectly.