Haunted by a Ghosting Sugar Daddy

By BelleC

Aug 02, 2017

Just this week, I experienced a shocking revelation… I was ghosted by my Sugar Daddy!  While picking up the pieces from our newly-hatched arrangement, I felt a barrage of emotions.  Anger, uncertainty, self-doubt, fear – It was beyond what the average Sugar Baby should have to experience over a 24-hour period.  Despite it all, here’s how I took the high road and moved on with determined confidence.

The first meeting with my POT was absolutely perfect.  We met at my favorite DC steakhouse and had a wonderful, leisurely lunch.  We kissed, held hands, walked a bit and spent the entire afternoon together.  Not wanting the day to end, we ducked into a dark corner in the infamous bar of the Willard Hotel and shared just one more glass of wine before parting. 

The Perfect Match

Over the next three weeks, we established our arrangement.  My Sugar Daddy called and texted me every day, sometimes a few times a day.  We spent hours talking by phone and learning about each other.  He shared intimate details of his very public life, including background on his family, his businesses, his divorce, you name it.  He was an open book to me, and I appreciated it.  I was able to verify everything that he told me and determine that he was precisely who and what he claimed to be.  A handsome, attentive gentleman with a sexy dark side. He was everything that I had hoped to find in a Sugar Daddy. 

The Rendezvous

We agreed to spend our first night together at a very nice hotel in a lovely coastal town about two hours from my home.  He was flying home that evening from New York and told me that he would arrive at the hotel by 10 pm.  He paid for the $250 room ahead of time so that I could check in.  While I waited, he texted me just before boarding his flight, sending a sexy message and saying how excited he was to see me.


Where Sugar Gets Salty

10:00 pm came and went… I texted; no reply.  I called; got his voice mail.  I texted again at midnight… “Daddy, where are you?”  No reply.  He never showed.  By morning, I was genuinely concerned about him.  Perhaps he had an accident on his way from the airport?  I texted him again… “Please, Daddy, just send a quick message to let me know you’re ok.”  Still nothing.  I took a shower, packed my things and made the long drive home, worried senseless that something bad had happened to him. 

Reality Sets In

Over the next 24 hours, and still to this day, I never heard.  However, I did see the day following his no-show that he was “online” on Seeking Arrangement.  A friend of mine sent him a message, and he answered it.  So at least I knew that he was alright. 

I had spent considerable time getting to know my Sugar Daddy. He had been the perfect gentleman, and I thought I knew where I stood with him.  But to not apologize – or even say, “I’ve changed my mind about us” – was very telling of his true nature. 

Turnabout Isn’t Always Fair Play

After I determined that he was “all in one piece,” friends suggested that I set him up with a fake profile. One who would ultimately be a no-show.  Tempting as it can be to take revenge on someone who has hurt you or wasted your time, it’s always better to show your true class by taking the high road. 

I sent my ex-Sugar Daddy a message saying I was glad that he’s ok. Politely, I let him know that the room service for my dinner at the hotel was charged to my own credit card. I had asked the front desk to charge my one night of valet parking to his room.  After that, I wished him well.


Just Turn the Other Cheek, Sugar

I feel good for not having reacted negatively to him.  Regardless of what his issues were that night, I know that I handled the situation with style.  It also goes to show that in the sugar bowl, no matter how well you think you know someone, you probably don’t really know them at all.  Stay safe, and keep a positive attitude!