Help! I’m Falling in Love with My Sugar Daddy

By Rachel

Nov 25, 2015

Let’s face it, when a successful man is wining and dining you, and laying on the charm, it’s just a matter of time before you question is it infatuation or have you caught feelings? One of the toughest situations a Sugar Baby can find herself in is falling head over Louboutins with her Sugar Daddy. There’s a reason why Sugar and love are not usually mentioned in the same sentence. In a traditional relationship, you aspire to love, and by default transpires drama (which is why you may have chose an arrangement in the first place). But Sugar is meant to be a drama free fantasy. If you find yourself heading toward lover’s lane with your Sugar Daddy, here are three options to consider.

Option 1: End it

If you know the feelings aren’t mutual, you may need to consider breaking off the arrangement. Only you can recognize when real attachment is developing for another person. Love, unfortunately, is never a guaranteed part of the arrangement. If your Sugar Daddy is married, this is the best solution for you. Do not play into “he will leave his wife for me” illusion you sometimes see in the movies. This is real life. Sometimes a sweet goodbye is better than a complicated mess.

Option 2: Reveal Feelings

This is by far the riskiest of the options. By revealing your feelings to your Sugar Daddy, you are preparing yourself for the consequences, and giving him the power. Ideally, he feels the same way and you two get married and sail off on a yacht together. But because every arrangement is different, no one can really say how he may react. However, more likely than not, he may be taken back, surprised, compassionate, disappointed, or uncomfortable. So be prepared for the flood if you choose to open the gates. He may choose to end the arrangement, in avoidance of you getting hurt, or fear of drama later down the road. After all, real men are honest and know not to lead a lady on.

Option 3: Suppression

Some women are able to control and suppress their feelings, channeling them into hobbies, work, good company, or even finding vanilla men to casually date on the side to divert how they are feeling. This may mean putting some temporary distance between you and your Sugar Daddy–stealthily of course, as not to make him think anything. Take a trip alone, hang with friends, separate yourself and decide if this is something you can continue to handle. It’s a matter of deciding whether the Sugar is worth bottling your emotions.

Everyone loves a happy ending! Sometimes love can be found in the most unique of places, including SeekingArrangement.  But it’s the exception to the rule, and setting yourself up with unrealistic expectations will only hurt you in the long run. So be honest, tell the truth and fall in love with Sugar, not your Sugar Daddy.