My Husband Knows My Sugar Daddy

By Annalise

Mar 26, 2017

As I searched for my first Sugar Daddy, my hubby was right beside me, analyzing the profiles with me. He was all for the idea, but he still had a concern for my safety. We discussed things a lot, read about other peoples experiences and opinions and decided we both were on board with the idea. Throughout these discussions and looking at POT profiles,  I kept passing over a profile that I really wanted to respond to. I was afraid this POT would live close by. What if I knew him? As it turned out, my husband knows my sugar daddy!

Small World:  My Husband Knows My Sugar Daddy

Roughly, two months later, he contacted me. I gave him every excuse in the book. You are too close, you are to old (he still teases me about this), etc. However, he asked where I was from, and he said he didn’t know anyone here. So, I went with my gut and asked him to send me an email with a photo. He did so right away, and I told my hubby his name. Of course, he knew him. How? He was a customer of his. Once I told my daddy this, he was a little shocked, but we decided to see if we were a good match And from there we began a relationship.

The Best of Both Worlds

For me, what was originally a fear, turned out to be the best thing in my search. Because hubby knew him, he was all for me asking him to be my Sugar Daddy. He knew the daddy would stay true to his word. He knew that I would be treated with respect and dignity, and that I would be safe.

I’ve been with my Sugar Daddy for a year and a half now, and am extremely happy. Not only do I get to see him twice a month, hubby and him talk (about other things), hubby sends photos of me to him, and once in awhile we all do things together.

Discretion and Respect

Even though my hubby knows, we still keep things discreet. My family and friends, coworkers, etc, have no idea. Nor do his. When we are out in public we refrain from PDA of any sort. We’ve had to even get creative. However, once we are alone, it’s another story. We respect each others’ space when we are together as well. We take personal and work calls, and keep it respectful.

Gals, your guy does a lot for you. I think sometimes even the smallest things can be thank yous to them for what they do for us. I like to take note of the little things he enjoys (such as M&Ms) and leave them on the table on my way out in the morning, since I usually have to be out the door before he gets up. Some days need to be about him, not you. It’s still a relationship, and it still goes both ways. I’m lucky that he feels lucky just to have me in his life.

Close to Home and Close to Perfect

For those of you that live in smaller towns, it might just be worth saying hello to that person you are scared you might know. They are located here too, so they can’t really judge you. I am lucky to have a hubby that allows me to be in the lifestyle, and at the same token, I allow him his freedom too. We always come back to each other and the best sugar situation for me worked out: My husband knows and likes my sugar daddy and my sugar daddy knows and likes my husband. My situation is close to home and close to perfect.