I have more than one Sugar Daddy

By Annalise

Feb 25, 2016

I would love to say that being a Sugar Baby is an easy job; full of excitement, trips around the world, money, gifts, luxurious perfumes, elegant apparel and shoes. However, this lifestyle doesn’t come without noted responsibility, at least for me.

I have more than one Sugar Daddy. Four, to be exact. For some babies this is the epitome of “Sugar Success”. #MajorKey #SugarGoals. Unfortunately, this is a lot harder than it seems. Not only is finding a Sugar Daddy a huge task but, finding and then juggling two or three can be hell. A lot of you may be saying, “How is having four sugar daddies an issue?” Let me elaborate…

The Guilt: All of my SDs live within a 30 mile radius of me and know nothing of each other. Two of my daddies go to the same club frequently and have even asked me to go with them on numerous occasions. Two work in real estate and compete to sell the same property on a regular basis. All of them want to see me on the weekend, and at least two times a week. I also lose track of what I’ve told them, or what photos I’ve sent them. Two of them call me different names, so that’s always confusing. I always feel guilty. Not only because I’m worried they will find out about each other, but I also feel that I’m dipping in the sugar bowl too much.

Scheduling: This is my main issue, as I am also a full-time student. Because of studies, scheduling time for my Sugar Daddies is slightly limited. Here’s a brief example:  John wants to see me Tuesday and Sunday morning, Bill wants to see me Sunday all day, Tom wants to see me Sunday and Saturday night and so does Harry. I’m able to negotiate with Harry for Saturday all day and Tom for Friday however, I check my school schedule and I have class on Friday at 12. Bill is being needy and decides that he wants to see me the whole weekend and Wednesday.

Not only is negotiating days an issue but, some Sugar Daddies, like Bill, have what I would like to call “The Boyfriend Complex”. This is when the SD wants all the benefits of a boyfriend. Including, but not limited to: regular phone calls, regular visits, and regular sex. *rolls eyes* At first they usually aren’t like that, but then a switch goes off in their mind and transforms them into a Boyfriend Daddy. I personally don’t like them unless the allowance is substantial.

Personal time to yourself is also limited. I love to kick back, no makeup on, binge watching my favorite series, and eating a huge bowl of popcorn every two weeks.

Plus, there’s the amount of time spent trying to look good for them. Getting your nails done weekly/bi-weekly and getting your hair done regularly. Sometimes flat-ironing or a wash-and-go will work, other days you will need to go a bit over the top.

There is also always the chance they will find out about each other and you could lose everything.

With that being said, I can honestly say that having more than one Sugar Daddy is hard work. It is a constant battle with time – trying to have enough for each daddy, friends, family, school and personal leisure. I have been able to do very well with balancing it out, but having a lack of free time and friends is the price I pay for my “Sugar Success”.