Interview with a Traveling Sugar Baby

In an effort to learn about the Sugar World first hand, I’m interviewing Sugar Babies and Daddies about their lifestyle. This is the first installment of my interview series, Interview with a Traveling Sugar Baby.

I interviewed Samantha, a twenty two year old SB who has been Sugaring for two years. We talked about traveling with your Sugar Daddy and some of the details that surround the topic.

What is your opinion of traveling with a Sugar Daddy?

Traveling with a Sugar Daddy is very special because you have the free reign to determine his excitement and be the height of the trip or the damper of the trip. I enjoy traveling with SD …[and] I have learned how to make things unconventional and fun.

Even if it’s sending a little gift to the hotel so he receives it when he checks in or wearing that sexy play outfit before bed, all these things alleviate the stress from the early morning meetings and make you, the SB, a keeper!

How many dates do you go on before you agree to travel with a Sugar Daddy?

As long as you’re comfortable and have a connection with your SD, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known him. It’s all about instinct at this point. If you feel safe with him, take the leap.

I personally have traveled with an SD on the second date. The chemistry and understanding was there before we left. That left me comfortable enough to take the risk and do so. Besides, every man loves a spontaneous woman.

How can you establish an understanding about the purpose of the trip? For example, if it’s simply for pleasure or business and how you manage your hours.

When he invites your or plans it, the agenda will be evident. If he is there for business, you have to be a big girl and keep yourself busy while he is working away. Besides, this gives you an opportunity to see and do things that you have never done before. If he is a real SD, he will leave you with the appropriate funds to enjoy yourself. But… the key is to express gratitude and be grateful in the end.

How do you plan your expenses during the trip?

If there is something that you want to do, express it to him. If there is something that you have been eyeing that will make you smile, express it to him. This is why the connection between a [SB] and a [SD] is so important, because you should never be afraid to ask for what you want. If you are, then you are not being yourself; which is not fair to you. Keep enough money on hand to get home just in case. If you don’t [have enough money to get home], please do not go! That is very important for your safety which should always come first.

What general tips would you give to a SB about to travel?

Do your research prior to a trip. Never jump at the offer if you’re uncomfortable for the sake of going on a trip. Don’t forget to be unforgettable.

How can someone be unforgettable?

Be exciting and refreshing. Create an unforgettable memory for him and I promise you will find yourself at the airport a lot more frequently!

Disclaimer: some names and identifying details have been changed to protect privacy.