About My Introverted Sugar Daddy

By KristinaAfrica

Aug 01, 2017

Sugar Daddies can fall anywhere on the personality spectrum, from extravagant to shy. It is easy to not know what to expect during the transition from messaging on SeekingArrangement to real life. Here is a little to know about my introverted Sugar Daddy and how I learned to work with him.

Awkward Date

When I met Peter, I thought that nothing would come out of our date. I got the feeling that he was probably not interested in me. Although he was nice, polite and respectful, our conversation barely flowed. I ended up doing most of the talking, while he just answered a few of my questions, using mundane one-word syllables.

After our two hour lunch date he got the bill, slipped me an unmarked envelop and said he had to leave for a meeting. “Oh I see…..well it was nice to meet you Peter,” I said, feeling rather dejected. So it was quite the surprise when he sent me a long email later that night.

In it, he explained that he had not been in any kind of arrangement for a long time. He also revealed that he had an introverted personality and was used to solitude. The message ended with him apologizing for the way our meet went and asked me to give him a second chance.

Another Shot

I told him that I would sleep on it and get back to him in the morning. To be honest I didn’t sleep much that night and was up deliberating. Even though Peter was the strong silent type, I did feel attracted to him and he was very handsome and generous. By morning, I concluded that I should give our arrangement another attempt.

I remebered that in one of his previous messages on the site he said he loved going out to watch a good film. So I looked out for upcoming ones and sent him a selection of four to choose from. “The drama looks interesting. Let’s go for that one next Saturday,” Peter responded. “Great! I shall book it for us,” I responded with excitement.

Our second date went much more smoothly and I had fun as well. After the movie we went out for dinner where we got to talk more candidly. He opened up more about himself and what he was looking for. We both agreed to start off with a casual arrangement and see how it went.

Making Progress

Within a short time I learned that my Sugar Daddy felt more comfortable meeting in quiet, intimate settings unlike the crowded and noisy cafe we met in the first time. He also loved reading, so I would come over to his house occassionally, and we would read our books, while cosying up on the couch.

I also got used to his preferenceas opposed to calling. Peter would send very short messages summarizing what he needed to say, and that was it. I learnt to do the same which meant getting to the point and avoiding endless chit chat.

It was also important to understand that he liked to take some time out to recharge. Peter would go quiet for days or sometimes weeks after our dates and it worried me at first. Questions like, ‘Is he still interested?’ would cross my mind before brushing them off. And like clockwork, he would resurface and ask to meet up.

The Bonus

Being introverted, made him a great listener and I started looking forward to talking to him about any life or work related issues I had. And he would always give the best advice. He was also a thoughtful and considerate partner and was cautious not to hurt my feelings in any way.

All in all, I’m glad we gave our arrangement a chance to grow. In spite of our different personalities, we ended up getting on well and with time our arrangement moved from casual meets to a long-term thing. What kind of personality does your Sugar Daddy have?