Is He Ghosting?

By Candice

Jan 08, 2016

The weirdest thing is happening to me and I just had to share. I would totally appreciate some comments on what you girls think is going on! I can’t help but wonder… is he ghosting?

So here I am with my perfect Sugar Daddy I’ve had now since July/August of 2015, and being the way I am, I start thinking “I want more of an allowance, I want to start investing my money” (see Sugar sister Ashleigh’s article on “Best Ways To Make Your Sugar Last” for more great tips on this!).

Back to my story… My current SD already gives me a moderate allowance, has paid for my two breast augmentations, pays for my injections, plus gifts me every time I see him, so I really can’t ask him for more without coming off as the human version of a Bratz doll. Now, does that mean I can’t have more of a monthly allowance to start investing into my future? Absolutely not. I can always find another Sugar Daddy, especially now that I’m on winter break from school and have loads of free time, so that’s exactly what I did.

Merry Christmas to me! Apparently I was on the “nice” list this year and Santa sent me a Sugary Christmas miracle. I started chatting with this young attractive guy and made plans to meet for a drink, and BOOM. A Cosmo for me, Jameson for him, and we totally clicked and the conversation flowed naturally. We said our goodbyes and then a few hours later he sent me a little meet and greet Sugar, which was actually totally unexpected. And by “little”, I mean it covered my monthly rent. (As a side note, I would 100% advise against asking for Sugar or to go shopping when you plan to meet a POT because it can be viewed as a huge turn off, but if a POT voluntarily sends you a little Sugar or brings you a little gift, that’s totally okay).

Now it’s been almost two weeks since our first meet. At first, we talked almost everyday (which was a bit much for me, but he was mostly initiating so I went along with it). I texted him yesterday something light and playful, and no response! Then two days later on New Year’s Eve again I wished him a Happy New Year with a party emoji (I love emojis), and again no response! So my first thought is, “Okay, this is strange. What is going on?” And quickly that turned into, “Am I being ghosted?”

I just can’t wrap my head around this because we seemed like two Sugary peas in a pod and he sent me something after our date so obviously he thought we had chemistry. Then we talked a lot after too! He might be busy with work, or some family issue came up, and I might be totally overreacting. But with ghosting being common, I can’t help but think that’s what may be happening and he’s had a change of heart or something.

I would love some feedback from my Sugar Sisters and our Let’s Talk Sugar audience, what do you ladies think?!