It’s WHO You Know

By Maggie

Sep 25, 2015

A few months after college, I landed my first “big girl” job as a marketing assistant in an agricultural finance company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Let that sink in for a bit. Basically, I was the youngest person in the office by ten years (easily), the talk around the ice cooler was about church, and everyone had very conservative values.

I probably could have gotten by with that, but the job itself was soul crushing: eight hours a day in a cube communicating with the marketing team via emails. I tried my best but I was terrible at it, and within a month I lost the job.

I had moved EVERYTHING to Pennsylvania for this job, already signed my lease, and now I had to figure out how to stay afloat. In my moment of panic, I went through my Rolodex of options and thought I’d give Sugaring a try. I’ll be honest, I had my doubts, but I firmly believe in trying something at least once before making a judgment call and I’m so glad I did.

The most important gem of advice ingrained in me in college was: It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know. I went into the Sugar Daddy experience with networking being my first priority, as strange as that sounds. Yes, I was open to finding love or a friendly companion who would give me an allowance, but I was also thinking about how to sustain myself for the long term and making my own way in the world.

Sugar Daddies are successful. They possess qualities like ambition, intelligence, and a network of like-minded people. That right there is a gold mine if you want to “teach yourself to fish.” I made it clear what I was after, and I was lucky enough to meet some really cool people on the site who were willing to help me on my professional endeavors.

I met this one Sugar couple, Scot and Tia, who let me stay with them for a week while I took a bartending course. Instead of doing the daily hour long commute, they opened their home to me which was only fifteen minutes away from the school and fed me meals.

During dinner time, they would help me study my materials and they also talked to me about how they ran their wireless communication business. They also offered me a position if I ever moved into one of their territories. I still keep in touch with them to this day and they are always there to offer me professional and personal advice.

Someone else I met through SA was John. I do promotional gigs on the side and he let me stay with him in Baltimore for four days so I wouldn’t have to pay for lodging while I was on a gig. He was also kind enough to drive me to and pick me up from my event location so I wouldn’t have to pay the $20 parking fees every day.

In the evenings, we’d make sandwiches and talk about his accounting business. Through his work, he had a client and friend named Ben, who worked in a hospital that was looking for research technicians. Applicants didn’t need a medical background so I applied and got a job as a tech. After a few months, I was promoted to manage their front desk and work with the marketing team on community outreach for the hospital.

While I still absolutely love going on nice dates, experiencing new things and receiving presents, it’s also really nice to know that I can take care of myself if for some reason all of that goes away. Don’t forget to utilize the relationships you make on SA for more than just designer swag.

You can leverage your Sugar Daddy and their network for something more than just a fancy dinner…something that will actually feed you for life.