The Key is Mutually Beneficial

By Lexie

Mar 17, 2016


I found myself standing on a dock with a moleskin journal in hand, admiring the way the lights glowed on the river. The solace and serenity of being near water is calming. I was checking in with myself openly and honestly. Feelings of detachment and dismay were not about to get the best of me; I had a choice to make and I wanted to make a beneficial one.

Instead of letting my mind spiral into an emotional breakdown, I broke down my goals concretely on paper. I needed one crucial thing: consistent support. I wanted a mutually beneficial arrangement and my sexuality was not going to be guaranteed in the equation. With any relationship, the key is mutually beneficial. 


You are fed up with swiping left and right. You’re busy with school, work, or trying to find work and you’d like to have some extra funds for fun. Sounds like you’re ready for an arrangement. Reaching out and asking for support can be uncomfortable. When we find ourselves in a position of vulnerability it’s easy to hit the ground running on the trail of desperation. Steer clear of the desperation tactic for financial or emotional support. Understand asking for support is not a sign of weakness, but strength.

The way you ask is important. A personal arrangement can get into grey territory fast, and boundary line management is important. Many confuse an arrangement as being a pure sexual monetary transaction. If your definition of an arrangement is such please seek legal counsel; it’s unlawful, distasteful, and has made the Sugar Bowl down right difficult for many. Your personality, charm, and fun loving demeanor are the keys to securing a financially and emotionally lucrative arrangement. Have realistic expectations be upfront, direct, and honest about your needs.


Be mindful of your personal needs and the needs of another. Asking a potential Sugar Daddy on SeekingArrangement for $x,000 / month so you can focus on studies, philanthropic, or business endeavors without the stress of holding down a job is a legitimate and appropriate request. Take care of yourself by eating healthy, exercising, and sticking to your goals. When the going gets tough, letting yourself go need not happen.

Treat yourself with respect and dignity, as this will reflect in the way you treat others. Know what you want, what you need and have the confidence to attain it. Realize a mutually beneficial arrangement can be more than a fairytale. It’s consistency, support, and guidance. Stay on track; don’t allow distractions to derail you.


The simple act of graciousness can pay off big. Going above and beyond in a natural way can earn you major bonus points. Little things like responding in a timely manner, suggesting fun activities, and displaying genuine interest are all winning points. You are an amazing individual with exceptional qualities. Believe in yourself and know you are capable of achieving a mutually beneficial arrangement. No one said it was going to be simple, but it surely can be sweet.

I applied these tips to my own situation and found myself with an amazing mentor who has been a generous sponsor. Being able to pursue goals, at my own pace without the stress of money has been a tremendous blessing. I have an amazing family, a great mentor, and am at a good place. Ladies you are all amazing. Keep pursuing your goals.