Leaving the Sugar Bowl

By Downtown LA SD

Nov 27, 2016


Every professional athlete has a moment of reckoning when they decide it’s time to retire. The body’s not doing what it used to, the contracts are far less lucrative, or the crowds are cheering for the younger players. While the moment is probably fraught with indecision and stress, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Listening to the voice inside can mean finding the clarity needed to be serene in the decision to hang up the cleats and call it a day. There are some similar feelings when it comes to leaving the Sugar Bowl.

Whether it’s a physical, emotional, financial, or other consideration, having your moment of realization doesn’t need to stress you out. You can be clear and decisive, and know you’ve made the right decision. Here are some insights from former Sugar Babies that might help you decide for yourself if Sugar is right for you.


“S,” a 20-something Sugar Baby who lives out west, told me, “I can’t find anyone. Nobody seems interested in me. A lot of men want size 0-4 women.”

It’s not a secret that most Daddies prefer slimmer companions, and if a Baby is plus-sized and dealing with a shallow talent pool of available Daddies, that can make it even harder for her. This is true of vanilla dating too.

I believe that, given enough time, effort, and self-confidence, a woman of any body type can attract a great partner. If you don’t have that confidence, though, the Sugar Bowl may not be your ideal forum, and it might serve you better long-term to stay away. You can always come back to it, right?


“L,” a young Latina SB from the Big Apple, has been Sugaring for a few years. She had one long-term Sugar Daddy with whom she eventually fell in love. He was married and wasn’t going to leave his wife. The arrangement ended, but they saw each other a few more times over the next year or so.

The ordeal took an emotional toll on her, and for a while it kind of set her adrift. She’s met and had sex with a number of different men, none of whom hung around for very long. She told me, “I’m done. I actually want to find a serious boyfriend.”  

“C,” a former SB of mine with whom I’d had a fabulous, three-year arrangement, met her future husband a year into our relationship. But she stayed with me for two more years. Eventually she realized that her future was with him.

He was more important than both the financial support and the sex she got from me. Finding True Love can make the Sugar Bowl feel like a tawdry bit of business that you immediately want no part of.

“M,” a married former SB from the southwest, told me, “Once you’re mature enough that you want more, you begin to date in a different way. It’s just knowing when you’re ready for more and recognizing that who you’re with is going to be able to give it to you.” That’s probably the time to step out of the lifestyle and never look back.


You got your MBA and now have serious earning power. Those monthly deposits into your bank account are sure nice, but they don’t hold the same appeal as they used to. In particular, the POTs of late seem far more trouble than they’re worth to generate that Sugar.

You’ve been interviewing around and have some very attractive job offers pending. With a six-figure salary looming closer than ever before. Consider whether these unconventional relationships, with the travel and mid-day rendezvous, are suitable for you. Might be time to step into a new life – a grown-up life.


I’ve been a Sugar Daddy for eight years myself, and will probably do so as long as my body and bank account let me. But it’s not forever, and when the time is right, I’ll take down my profile and quietly shuffle off into old age (as a fulfilled man!).

You need to make the most of your time as a Baby for the next phase of your life. The time you decide to leave is entirely yours, but it’s a natural part of the journey. Embrace it!


In all of these scenarios, being confident and comfortable in your own skin truly helps you make the right decision. Whether you’re dealing with self-image, emotional needs, or life transitions, knowing who you are and where you’re going will never let you down.  

The Sugar Bowl is best used as a temporary stop along your life’s journey. As a Sugar Daddy, I’ll be here when you need me, and I’ll be cheering when you decide that you’ve had enough.