In Love with Two Men

By Jasmin

Oct 30, 2017
Let’s define the word ‘love’. So according to Google, this is a strong feeling of affection for someone, but my question is can you be in love with your SD and boyfriend at the same time?

What is Love?

What people fail to understand is when you love someone, everything around you beings to fall into place. It’s not just about you anymore. It’s about the person you fell hopelessly head over heels for. You begin to question your every move to make sure it’s in tune with theirs. All of these things that seem way too traditional for a SB/SD type relationship.
When someone gives you their time, their attention, and money it’s inevitable that love will eventually come into play. These feelings feel like a replication of what you may feel for your boyfriend. One thing you need to ask yourself is ‘is this a temporary kind of love, or have I fallen deeper than expected’. Being a sugar baby, you need to know the difference between having love for someone and being in love with someone, because the two can either work together or be one-sided. 

Is it the Right Kind of Love?

Referring to what I said above, something as simple as someone giving you their time and attention when you seem to be lacking it. Or it can be as big as giving you constant financial assistance can bring on feelings that seem very close to love. You begin to see this person as your protector because not only are you physically depending on them, but in some cases, emotionally too. That’s every woman’s kyroptonite.

Being in love however is a whole different ball game. When you’re in love with someone, you know that if anything were to happen to this particular person, there is no doubt that you will stick right by their side. If this person had absolutely nothing to their name, you will stick right by their side. You didn’t get with him for the physicialities, but for the depth that came along with who he is…and that made you stick right by their side. 

Trust Your Instincts

Now I’m not saying you can’t be in love with two people at the same time, but what I am saying is that one plays more significance in your life than the other. One gives you more time than the other, one pays more attention to the little details and changes in your day, one wants to please and impress you on a deeper level than sex and money, one gives you the silent and verbal motivation to continuously be the best person you can be…one is truly in love with you.
It’s not up to me or the therapist two blocks away to decide who that person is, but you. It may seem like the hardest decision you may ever have to make, but you’re making it that way. It’s not that complicated. If it seems like too much of a chore and causing more of a headache in your life than necessary, then maybe you need to remove yourself from the situation and manually deassemble your predicament until you get to the root of it. 

Remember, sugar daddies are capable of living double lives. They can easily put themselves in a big, guilt-free lie, reassuring you that you’re the only woman in their life, even though we both know this isn’t true, and even if it is, for how long? They can afford to live this lie. Can you?