Meet My BFF, The Wife of My Sugar Daddy

By Heather P

Jan 03, 2017

When I first met my first Sugar Daddy (we’ll call him Joe), I was starting my first year of college. I was barely eighteen, but very attracted to him despite the age difference of 38 years. I was lucky enough to have a Sugar Daddy that was everything that I needed. We only saw each other on the weekends, where we traveled to his house in upstate New York. He worked in the finance industry in New York City and was able to help me with my accounting homework.  He was able to provide me with everything I needed; money for bills, nice gifts once in awhile, and a best friend…HIS WIFE. Meet my BFF, the wife of my Sugar Daddy.

So when I met Joe, he made it very clear that he was in an open relationship. Like many Sugar Daddies, Joe worked a lot. His wife was “retired”, so she had a lot of free time and felt that she wasn’t getting the attention she needed. As a result, they opened their marriage up. He expressed to me that he didn’t sleep with anyone outside of his marriage until he met me.

He felt that he needed someone who didn’t require a lot of attention and to be quite honest. I was in a relationship at the time so I didn’t necessarily care about getting attention. I just wanted to get money because I was broke, with a capital B.

Joe and I met at the swanky Serafina restaurant in the Meatpacking District of New York City. I was freaked out about the fact that this was my first time meeting someone off the internet, in addition to the fact that I was afraid that he’d reject me. There were so many other women on Seeking Arrangement that he could choose from that were far smarter and prettier.

I was also afraid because I grew up ridiculously sheltered, so I didn’t have experience dating someone much older than myself. When we met, we hit it off over “Spaghettini Alle Zucchine.” The same evening that we met for dinner we ended up going back to his Midtown apartment. He didn’t talk about his family much, with the exception of his wife and their open marriage. He mentioned his kids, who were much older than myself and doing their own things.  Despite not talking about his family, he had plenty of photos of them.

In the middle of having sex, Joe’s cell phone rang. It was his wife and she needed help carrying groceries in. Calmly, Joe mentioned that he was going downstairs to help her and started to get dressed. He told me that I could wait here. For some strange reason, I blurted out, “No, no. I can totally help. I’m not just useful in bed.” Joe laughed and agreed as I quickly got dressed and headed downstairs with him. I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into until I was in the elevator.

When we finally got downstairs, his wife (we’ll call her Jane) was coming back with her last few bags of groceries from her car. She looked at me and was a little surprised. I was intimidated as hell. She was short, wore glasses and looked like a bitchy librarian. I reached my hand out towards her and smiled. She looked at my hand and then said, “You probably didn’t wash your hands after you jerked him off.” I was taken aback.

I looked at Joe who was picking up some groceries and told him that I’d run upstairs to collect my things and go. Surprisingly, Jane offered for me to stay over and have a glass of wine. She said, “I’m interested in getting to know the woman my husband will be having sex with.” That was probably the most awkward thing she could have said. I helped her with the bags and then the three of us went upstairs to have wine. I opted out of the wine because I was underage and wasn’t into drinking anyway.

Jane and I shared similar hobbies and even a birthday (except for the year of course). We talked for several hours that night, and at times I could tell that Joe felt a bit marginalized. We ended up making plans to go to one of her friend’s book signings the following Friday. After that book signing, we  planned to meet up again before we parted ways.

Joe was happy about the idea. He even brought up the idea of having a threesome, but I wasn’t into it.The best part about my friendship  with Jane was that she didn’t talk about Joe or bring up sex. I didn’t want to complicate anything, I was worried that if Jane didn’t like me she’d ask Joe to find someone else.

Overall, Jane and I just had the weirdest friendship. The large age difference between us and the fact that I was her husband’s Sugar Baby was no bueno. It seemed as if we were more destined to have some sort of drama than just knowing of each other. Although I was new to Sugaring, I was absolutely positive that you’re supposed to avoid “the wife” in general.

Sugaring should be completely “hush-hush”. This, clearly, was a wee bit different. I was lucky enough to have a Sugar Daddy that gave an allowance and offered great mentorship, as well as a friend who took me out to cool places and  gave great advice on life., She even introduced me to James Franco, so… my bucket list is pretty much halfway crossed out.