Multiple Personalities and Multiple Daddies

By Sasha Foxx

Jul 03, 2019

Meet my Personalities


Not my real name, but the closest thing to the real me you will ever get.

I am the perfect amount of charming, vulnerable, classy and awkward.

I am the “Girlfriend”.

I am your companion who pays attention to details.

I am just what you need after a long day in the office.


You mistress, your goddess.

Your escape from the world. You can give up all of your control to me.

For once in your life, someone else is doing the ordering around.

You can surrender your power at the door and let me take you on a ride.


Your little sub baby.

Sometimes the big bad world gets a little much and I like to let go of all control and be dominated by a beautiful man.

Some of my greatest orgasms have involved pain, restraints and completely letting go of all authority.

Meet the Daddies

The Dentist AKA ‘Accidental Daddy’

At the age of 22, I meet Mr. Dentist when getting a filling.

He is old, lonely and charming.

He invites me on a plethora of platonic adventures around Europe.

He never tries to sleep with me, all he craves is company and affection.

I truly love him for all he is. He introduces me to the world of being a Sugar Baby.

He teaches me high-class, high-fashion, fast cars, wisdom and what life is like outside of waitressing.

The Real Life Mr. Grey

The #1 man in my life. My first Real Daddy. My best friend. My idol.

No one can compare to the mythical magical Mr. Grey.

The ultimate alpha male whom I meet online during an insomniac episode.

He flies me to Paris and takes me on amazing dates around the city, he allows me to see life in an entirely new light and what adventures I can embark on.

He has seen me through many disasters and has been my backbone.

He taught me how to be a woman.

Bradley The Racecar Driver

My first Dom Daddy with me as a Sub (Anja).

A sexy as hell ex-race car driver with a dirty secret who drives me insane.

He likes to shame, spit and punch in the bedroom and our first time ends in tears.

2 years later he finds me again on SA. This time I am strong, I am wild and we meet again. He loves the new me. We no longer see each other but remain great friends.

He always checks in on my mental health and loves hearing my tales as Gia and Anja.

Charlie  – The Slave

He is vulnerable. Nervous. Generous.

Completely in awe of a woman like me.

Typically high up in his job, bored in his marriage.

My first Dominatrix experience as my alter ego GIA (Goddess/Mistress).

We meet in a hotel in Barcelona and stay in contact over email.

He flies me to Iceland, I beat him up in a leather-bound hotel and pays the bond to my new apartment.

The Finnish

I meet him on SA and on a whim. I travel to Belgium because I’d never been.

He is playful, funny, affectionate. I can be my real self with him.

Just like Mr Grey, he remains in my life.

He knows everything about me and I share with him all my writing and my deepest darkest secrets.

He gives me comfort, nights on the couch with Uber Eats and amazing orgasms followed by all night cuddling and sleep.

He gives me the comfort and adoration I lack but don’t particularly seek in my real life.

After my second trip, I find out I am pregnant with him.

He pushes up his sleeves and supports me emotionally and financially through it.

We have a happy mutual understanding and appreciation of each other.

I love that man.

The Dom

I once was in a Sub Dom relationship who flew me to his playroom (literally the same as 50 shades of Grey) in Amsterdam once a month for a weekend of being chained up and whipped with various toys whilst I do my homework.

We swapped roles between sub and dom and I learned so much from him about my sexuality. He makes me get my nipple pierced while I look him in the eyes.

And oh so many more for you to meet!