My First Month as a Brown Sugar Baby

By Zenya Rose

Dec 19, 2016

My first month into using Seeking Arrangement was easily the hardest. Getting used to the tinge of pain I felt every time another email was left without response was getting old. My first month as a Brown Sugar Baby I considered calling it quits. I tried, I failed, and figured perhaps it was time to move on. 

Month One

I was coming back home from Christmas break, fresh braids in my hair and ready to start the new year. Still formulating my New Year’s resolutions, I did not think twice about the notification in my email about my profile having been viewed.

Shortly after I received another email, I received this one particular message.

“Hi there would love to show you around!”

This was in response to my profile, admitting that I was a newbie to the area. I told him I was just coming back from my Christmas vacation and would not be back until January. After a few more messages, we exchanged numbers.

Garrett was an attorney in his early thirties, but looked much younger. He invited me out to coffee. Coming from a home where we watched “To Catch a Predator” religiously, I have always had a fear of meeting people I met online in person. I am just a nervous person in general. I had followed the safety tips that had been provided online.

We met in a public place. A friend knew where I was. I had a safety app installed on my phone. We were meeting in broad daylight.

Coffee was lovely, and we met at a trendy spot about 20 minutes away from where I lived. I had a chai tea latte to ease my nerves. He was delightful, fun, and easy going. I told him about how I am crazy for murder mysteries, and now that he had made the mistake of giving me his number, he could expect questions from me whenever something happened in an episode that I didn’t understand. He laughed and welcomed any legal questions I had.

Garrett, like many of the Sugar Daddies on Seeking Arrangement was married. He never went into too much detail about her, and I quickly caught on that he did not want me to pry, however he made it clear that discretion was key. I obliged, and was in no hurry to tell anyone about our arrangement. Garrett was incredibly smart, which is what attracted me to him. He pushed me to do well in school, l too. He always told me that if I put my mind to it, I had a shot a law school. We laughed about it being a last resort if my current career choice didn’t work out.

To all of my fellow brown Sugar babes that feel a wave of disappointment when they feel like no Daddies are looking for them, this is my consolation. Not only did Garrett love that I am black, he loved that I had my hair in faux locs as a protective style. He also would loved my skin. He loved my lips, and I know that he is not the only man on the site to feel this way. Garrett was also not the first person I met within the site, nor was he within the first ten! I went through a lot of rejection before I found him. So ladies, don’t give up!

Garrett was my first Sugar Daddy, and therefore my first arrangement. Arrangements vary per person, so do not use this as a guide, but do your research and look into the lifestyle if you are curious. At first, we saw each other once a week and were on a “pay per date” payment plan, which is essentially exactly what it sounds like. You go on a date and you receive cash, gifts or simply a nice meal with good company.

After a month of weekly withdrawals to his ATM, he decided to switch to the allowance system. Once a month, usually the first week, I would receive a lump sum in my PayPal account for the month before. After having used both systems, I do not have a preference for either. They both have their pros.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Garrett. We had a lot of fun together. We watched documentaries on OJ Simpson, talked about getting a dog, and spent a lot of good times together. Unfortunately, about seven months in, he had to move for his job. We split on good (yet reluctant) terms and still speak to this day. Don’t let anyone tell you the connections made via Seeking Arrangement cannot last post-arrangement.