My first sugar date was… scary, exhilarating, and it took courage.

By TallBlond

Sep 16, 2018

It’s a hot Friday evening in September, the day I stepped on that plane. Where was I going? Denver. It started about a month before. We met on the site and went from there. We would text all day and talk at night when we could. This went on for about a month. I had read many advice columns on sugaring and how you should not travel for the first meeting, but I was comfortable. He practiced medicine with a very well known group in Denver, knew many people in the area, and had done a lot of research and writing in the medical field. Some would say that shouldn’t make me comfortable, especially at the age of 22 or 23. I was willing to take a chance as he was charming and wasn’t pushy about anything. Plus, I loved to travel. I was lucky because I worked Monday thru Friday and I completed college online which allowed me the freedom.

After we talked for several weeks he asked me if I would consider meeting him in Denver. Of course, he would take care of my travel and book me my very own nice hotel, which he did. I agreed. I would fly down Friday evening after work and we would go to dinner at the airport. I remember packing, for colder weather asking myself, should I do this? It was a battle back and forth, but I convinced myself that all would go well.

Boarding in Dallas and the thoughts came on again, but the door was closing and there was no looking back. I would soon be in much colder weather. Getting off the plane in Denver I could feel the cold air hit my face and that’s when it really sank in. I just got on a plane to meet basically a stranger in another state. This happens every day, it’s called online dating. I got on the tram and then the escalator up to the ground floor. I remember as the elevator went up I began searching for his face in the crowd of many people waiting for their friends and loved ones. There he was, not super tall, but not shorter than me, all gorgeous grey hair and lots of it, with a huge grin on his face. I took a big gulp of air and stepped off the top of the escalator. You would have thought I had a suitcase full of money or was a supermodel stepping off that escalator. He hugged me very tightly and grabbed my hand. We walked through the doors to his car, he opened the car door and I remembered thinking to myself “chivalry isn’t dead.” We then headed to Rootdown, a very eclectic cozy restaurant in a neighborhood of Denver. The car ride was a little silent with some small talk as I was really nervous and trying to calm my mind down. We arrived, he opened the car door, and by this time I was a lot less nervous. He told me he made sure there was something on the menu I could eat which I thought was super sweet. I ordered a glass of wine and him a cocktail even though I knew he didn’t drink a lot. We talked and talked and talked for hours like we hadn’t already been talking on the phone for hours the last few previous weeks. We ordered and ate as he commented it was nice to see a woman that actually eats on the first date. There were a lot of things we had in common, some things I mentioned he had no idea about and vice Versa. We were lucky because we both worked in the same industry we could relate and ask specific things and get each other’s opinion on these things. As it got later we were the last to leave and by the end of dinner I was 99% comfortable (Yes, the wine probably helped a bit.) He took me to my hotel, walked me in and up to my room, carried my things in and hugged me. There was no kiss, but I’m not sure he was ready. He did hug me and asked me to think about what time I wanted to get the day started the following day and to let him know.

The next day we would head out of Denver to a couple mountain towns like Vail. It had snowed and everything was covered in white which was beautiful. We had breakfast, walked around, talked, even more, looked at art galleries, did a little shopping, and had a few glasses of wine. We did stay the day, had lunch, and headed back to get ready for dinner the next night which was even better than the first and the rest is history.