My Sugar Daddies Are Friends

By dagnytaggart

Jul 25, 2016

When looking for Sugar Daddies, most girls wouldn’t think they would find two at the same time, but I did. Recently, I found myself looking for a new Sugar Daddy as my previous one and I had an amicable split due to his locale. After a bit of searching on SeekingArrangement I found an enticing POT; a CEO with charm.

We met for dinner and completely hit it off; chemistry, conversation and an agreement on the arrangement. I thought my search was over. But then, he blindsided me with an interesting proposition…

The Proposition

My new POT explained that his business associate (and good friend) was also looking for a Sugar Baby. He had shown his friend my profile and let him know how much he enjoyed conversing with me. His friend was very interested and found me attractive. Now the question; would I be willing to be a Sugar Baby to the both of them?

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. He thoroughly explained that there is no jealousy or possessiveness between the two of them; they had both discussed this prior to meeting.

Gut Reaction

At first, I was completely shocked (although I tried to hide it). As a gentleman, he let me think it over before making a decision. Either way he wanted us to be together, but wanted to at least throw this idea out there.

As I thought things through it became clear – I WAS interested in this. Why not? I had done my research on their company and profiles; found them both attractive and intriguing. I thought to myself, I’ve already had two Sugar Daddies at the same time before, who obviously didn’t know about one another. This arrangement would give me the freedom to have two SDs with no need for white lies or excuses. I called him up and agreed to meet up with his business associate.

The Reality

The following week I met up with both men for cocktails (we all thought it would be an easy way to break the ice) and to my relief I did have a connection with his friend. I began to see both of them separately from this point on.

Over the last few months I have had amazing dates and traveled with both men separately.  The arrangement works well; when one has a busy week I can spend quality time with the other and vice versa.  There has never been any jealousy or weirdness between the three of us.

The moral to my story is to keep an open mind.  You may find yourself in a better situation than you originally thought possible.