Open Letter From a CEO to His Sugar Baby

By Lexie

Apr 29, 2016

Dear Sugar Baby,

I’m a busy man with a lot of responsibilities. My job is to make someone else’s  vision a reality, and I’m good at it. I’m a highly anxious human being, but I exemplify a calm demeanor. Do you think my life is flawless, just because I’m wealthy? Time for a reality check. I wasn’t born rich. I’m what is called: “self made.” I ate instant noodles for a year before my company took off. I’m sorry I’m not able to give you the time you deserve, but your independence is incredibly attractive to me.

Yes, I’m a world traveler. I may be meeting people all over the globe, but my mind is on one person — you. I’m not interested in casual liaisons with random people on business trips. When I say I’m having dinner with clients, it’s true. I’m not meeting up with anyone else. I don’t find satisfaction in brevity and take commitment seriously.I don’t have time for games, I mean  this. If you have trust issues, please pursue someone else.

Real people lean on each other for support, I’ll support you financially, if that is what you want, but please in turn provide companionship. You can have a traditional day job if you want, or pursue another ambition without worrying about how you will pay the bills. Be your natural self and keep your fun loving independent personality. Know this is why I fell for you to begin with.

On the forefront you see my success, and by success I mean monetary wealth. I hope you see more than this.

My time with you may be limited, I apologize if this makes you feel neglected. It’s hard to understand, I know. You’re an amazing woman; so genuine and kind. I’m thankful to have you in my life.

Our dynamic will not be like most. From the beginning you’ll be taken care of financially.

If a smile came across your face while reading this, that’s a good start. I look forward to meeting you. If I feel that you’re authentic and sincere, I’ll handle all your travel expenses. We will enjoy a lovely dinner together and you can be certain if we have chemistry, my search will end. I am looking for one person. You’ll be treated with the dignity and the respect you deserve.