Plastic Surgery Diaries

By Rachel

Nov 12, 2015

I want to share with you, my fellow Sugar Sisters, a love story. I never thought I would find such pure happiness and confidence in my life. And then it happened—I fell in love with my boobs.

Why I did it

I’ve always had a decent size chest. However, I was raised in Las Vegas, a city where your physical attributes sometimes trumped any clout from your resume. Interview after interview for nightclub cocktail jobs in town, I was turned town. It wasn’t until I took a chance on SeekingArrangement and found a Sugar Daddy was I able to change my whole perspective.

Many Sugar Babies are afraid to ask their Sugar Daddies for under the knife funding. But the whole idea behind having a mutually beneficial relationship is laying out what you are truly seeking. You should desire a lifestyle and a Sugar Daddy that will provide for things you cannot provide for yourself. I have always had a job and worked hard, so I was able to buy myself a new pair of shoes or a bag if I wanted, but what I was after wasn’t material. Something like plastic surgery wasn’t an immediate purchase I could afford. So I did some research, and talked to my Sugar Daddy about why this was something I wanted.

How to ask for help

Some advice for Sugar Babies who want cosmetic procedures but don’t know how to bring it up–do your research first! Find reputable doctors and pricing. Read referrals and most importantly, about the process itself so you know what to expect. Any surgery means downtime, and you probably don’t want your Sugar Daddy seeing you when you’re loopy on pain meds, wrapped in bandages. He needs to know you may be out of commission for a bit. When you are ready to approach the conversation, you can have all the materials at hand in case he has questions. Not to mention it shows him your level of investment into your future and your safety.

You should also be ready to share a personal reason why this means so much to you. Altering your body is a big commitment, so adding a personal glimpse may help him see the emotional reasoning behind why you want it, and how much his help could impact. I shared with my Daddy my unique raising in Vegas, and being I was 21 with no kids, I really wanted to land this job. At that point, it wasn’t even about getting the cocktail job, it was about achieving something everyone said was too competitive to get!

Personally, I wanted boobs, but their are other enhancements Sugar Babies are getting their Daddies to fund. Not all Daddies will be on board, some prefer the natural look. If plastic surgery is what your looking to get out of an arrangement then you probably should find a Sugar Daddy that is more open to body modification.

Once I was healed, I reapplied and interviewed for the job I wanted. I was hired three days later. Sure, maybe it was a mix of timing and luck, or maybe it was the ‘new me’ feeling my bigger boobs gave me, either way I am happy, confident, and didn’t succumb to drowning in debt since I was able to find someone to support my cause. Bottom line, if you want something, ask for it. It’s not what you ask for, it’s how you ask.