Proud to be a Sugar Baby

By Kaye

Sep 21, 2016

Regardless of the narrative the media tries to perpetuate, there is nothing wrong with being a Sugar Baby. There will always be naysayers or people who judge without knowing, but I don’t want the community to feel shunned or go underground as a result. We may not all have the platform or opportunity to share our experiences with the lifestyle, but I want to encourage those that do, to act and speak up. You should be proud to be a Sugar Baby. Here are the reasons why.

You Are Not An Escort

First and foremost, you are not breaking any laws. As a Sugar Baby, you are not participating in anything that is immoral or illegal. I can’t tell you how many “Babies” I hear or see misusing the site by behaving like escorts or abusing the trust of Daddies. A Sugar Baby is in the Bowl to learn and be spoiled. You are not paid by the hour and you do not demand a dollar amount for your time. There are scammers who pose as members of the community, but thankfully, these people are quickly found out and removed from the site.

You Have Goals

Sugar Babies are utilizing their resources. We have the opportunity to connect with wealthy, successful businessmen who are more than happy to provide mentorship and guidance. For example, I have an idea for a startup but no clue how to run a business. My Sugar Daddy, the CEO of a booming tech company, has knowledge and experience I can easily tap into. I know lots of Sugar Babies who have similar goals in mind and a few who have even launched their own businesses after receiving investments from their Daddies. Sugar Babies are truly trying to better themselves in all aspects of life.

You Are Taking Control

Which leads me to my final point. As a Sugar Baby, you are taking control of your life; your finances, your future, your education, your career goals. We understand we don’t necessarily have the tools to propel ourselves to the next level, but we know where to start.

You Are Creating Opportunities

There is no way I would have ever met my Sugar Daddy in real life. We hung out in different parts of town, worked in different industries, and did not have many similar interests where we would’ve bumped into each other. By joining SeekingArrangement and becoming a Sugar Baby, I created the opportunity to meet my SD. The trips to foreign countries, the dinners at places I can’t pronounce, the live shows I’ve watched, the apartment I’m able to afford… all a result of meeting my Sugar Daddy. He’s introduced me to things and shown my places I never would’ve gone or seen on my own. I created this opportunity.  
What’s the reason you’re proud to be a Sugar Baby?