Rekindling a Sugar Relationship

By Lexie

Aug 23, 2016


He’d been on my mind for months, though we hadn’t seen each other in almost a year. He most definitely was Sugar Daddy material, but those were not my true intentions for reaching out to him. Yes he was exceptionally well-off, but it’s his humble personality and ambition that really struck a chord. I wanted something more, something with potential to be real. I had nothing to lose, so I decided to reach out and make an attempt at rekindling a Sugar relationship. My heartbeat quickened as the phone rang.

To my surprise he picked up. Trying to stay calm and exude an heir of confidence I casually asked how he had been. My brain was running faster than words could speak. Rarely did I ever become tongue tied during conversation, but I was downright nervous. We ended up talking for quite some time and then he bluntly states me calling was certainly out of the blue. He was right, but I didn’t want to tell him how I truly felt. So I nonchalantly smiled and expressed how great it would be to re-connect and left it at that.


Many people say playing hard to get is the way to win a man over. While desperation is a universal turn off, the same can be true for the being the person who is nearly impossible to catch. I’m not one to play mind games and just the thought of a cat-and-mouse with someone is enough for me to lose interest. There comes a point where you know what you want, and you’re going to find a way to get it. Taking chances can be uncomfortable and nerve wracking, but by embracing vulnerability, opportunities will come knocking.


We had been sending subtly coy complements to each other via text. Nothing blatantly obvious, but just enough to pick up the hint. I had matured significantly in the year we’d been apart, and my confidence most certainly improved as well. We are both outdoorsy people and made arrangements to go stargazing together. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. It would either be an awkward evening under the stars or a romantic rekindling. He picked me up in his off road vehicle. Soft rock oldies played quietly. He looked more handsome than ever. We started to catch up, and his calm, humble, and affectionate demeanor had me over heels once again.


After talking for hours and watching shooting stars streak across the sky, he reached for my hand and pulled me close. The weather was just right. What was intended to be a casual way to reconnect ended up being an incredibly romantic evening together. With my head resting on his chest I could hear his heartbeat. He ran his fingers through my hair and after gazing into each other’s eyes for a few moments we kissed. The evening was amazing. On the ride back to town we hinted at each other some activities we could do together. It was apparent there was an opportunity for something more.


Busy men like him have very tight schedules. Entrepreneurs can be laser focused workaholics when it comes to their careers. His work is a major priority and it’s something I find attractive. The problem with busy men is not having a lot of time for fun, so when the opportunity does arise you make the best of it. I didn’t want to play any mind games or beat around the bush. Been there, done that, it’s not effective and leaves people drained and hurt. By having the courage and confidence to reach out I’ve opened a door of possibly and it feels fantastic.