Salt Daddy Central

By Candy Stackz

Jul 14, 2018

I know we have all heard the term sugar daddy, but have you ever heard of a salt daddy? What is a salt daddy? A salt daddy is exactly the opposite of a sugar daddy. He is extremely frugal and does not like to spoil. Now where would you find these types of men? Ladies, they are everywhere. They are at the malls, The bars. The grocery stores. The cute guy you met at the gas station. Salt daddies are alive and crawling all over my city. In this blog, I will share with you my salt daddy experiences and how you can prevent dealing with these frugal scoundrels.

My first Salt

If you don’t know by now, I am an exotic dancer in Atlanta, and I encounter salt daddies regularly. My worst encounter with salt daddies has been at work. The salt daddies I come in contact with at the strip club typically come in on the regular. Sadly, the frequent the club, but lack the funds to gain a girl’s attention. The salt daddies at my place of work will watch the dancers on stage work their ass off completely nude . and will not tip. If they do tip they will only dish out the rare and occasional dollar or two. Then we have the salt daddies that refuse to buy you a drink, and then ask if you can buy them one.

These salt daddies are basically the roaches of the strip club. What’s even sadder than the fact that they do not tip is the fact that will lure girls with false promises of money and treats, but ultimately these salt daddies just want to have sex. Don’t get me wrong I try to avoid men like this, but sometimes you come across a smooth talker and end up falling for the bait. It’s an embarrassing thing to talk about. Like who would you tell that you tricked, or believed someone’s false promises? It happens from time to time, and it’s nothing to feel ashamed about. If anything they are considered learning experiences. You fell for a salt daddy’s tricks, but if anything you have learned to avoid such men and make better choices. Also looking back on some salt daddy experiences some are quite humorous.

Pimp X

Somewhere along the time when I first started dancing, I was approached by a man. Let’s call him Pimp X. If you are in the adult entertainment industry you would be familiar with the term pimp. What is a pimp you ask? It is someone who controls a woman and takes her money from a day of working in the adult or sex entertainment industry. This person typically would take all her earnings, force her to make a certain amount, and most time the women under these people rule aren’t always treated the best. Pimps are usually male but don’t get it twisted, ladies can be pimps too. One of my first clubs was in the midwest, out there salt daddies are crawling everywhere. At my second club I worked at, this man approached me. He looked like your typical rap star and tried to impress me with his golds and money. Be careful ladies! Everything that glitters is not gold! I repeat EVERYTHING THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD. Anyways, he told me he wasn’t really into the strip club scene, but keep in mind he was at the club EVERY day. He was a non-paying regular. Girl’s always spoke nasty about him in the dressing room, and me being the trusting Libra that I am decided to give him a chance. I spoke to him and he told me he wanted to spoil me, he could build me up, I could have a designer this, and foreign car that. Did I get any of that? No, all I got out of this man was two shots of Henny and 5 dances which totaled to $35, and this was over a period of months. This man made it evident that he was sexually attracted to me, and I noticed the group of girls that always surrounded him. I never wondered why so many girls in the club would speak badly about him, but then flock to him when he enters. My answer became true when he stop trying to hook up with me, and he pursued my friend. The truth soon came to light. After pursuing my friend, and succeeding Pimp X was, in fact, a pimp, and my friend, his victim. Luckily, she was able to be rescued, but this goes to show you how salt daddies, can be manipulative creatures. Whether they are after your body or funds it is important to look out for signs such as false promises, bargaining, always short with allowance, leaves the wallet at home when on a date, heavy inquiries for sex, and lies. This is just one form of how common salt daddies are, and how they will take advantage of you.

Mr. Model Agency

Just recently, I was in a situation where I could have easily been taken advantage of, However, though I was naive at first I was able to save myself from being a salt daddy victim. In this scenario, I expressed my interest in modeling and acting toward him. He then began to hype up how big of an influence he was in regards to being in the industry and branding models. He allegedly had a very successful agency and led me to believe I could work with him by building with him my brand and career. He talked my ear off all night. I nipped it in the bud by telling him not to try me sexually or make any advances. After talking my ear off all night he got mad when I did not want to go with him to an after-hours spot that night yelled at me and left. If you are stern and let these potential salt daddies know that you are not with games they will ultimately see that they are never going to get you, and will stop pursuing you. Also, some guys are truly talkers, but if it is someone constantly name dropping celebs or big names then they are all talk. End the conversation and go the other way.

What’s even crazier about salt daddies is that they too have their own websites, chatrooms, and forums. There, they discuss how to have sex with a sugar baby or secure one without spending any money. They even discuss how to control, manipulate, and take the money of sugar babies. Salt daddies put a bad taste in my mouth. So, to those of you just entering into the world of a sugar baby. I have a nice little warning I would like you to take heed to, BEWARE OF THE SALT DADDY!