Sarah Marries Her Sugar Daddy

By KristinaAfrica

Jul 08, 2017
It is easy to get carried away and fantasize about being a spoiled girlfriend to your Sugar Daddy. Everyone Sugar Baby has caught themselves doing it once or twice. It is even easier to daydream about eventually becoming the wife of your most adored benefactor and living a life of luxury until death do you part. It is not at all easy to make those dreams a reality. However my Sugar Sister did exactly that when Sarah married her Sugar Daddy.

Breaking The News

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon when she broke the surprising news to me. “I am getting married,” Sarah blurted out, beaming with joy.  “What! To who? Don’t tell me you went back to your ex, Jerry,” I answered, rolling my eyes.

“Goodness no! I’m engaged to Edwin, my Sugar Daddy. He proposed to me last night,” she confessed.

At first, I thought she was joking and chuckled, before realizing she wasn’t joking.

“You are actually serious about this! Congratulations honey” I exclaimed, while trying to digest the surprising news.  We screamed, and hugged for a long time before breaking out the good wine. 

How It All Began

I introduced Sarah to SeekingArrangement a few months after I joined it. Most of my family and friends didn’t know about my Sugar lifestyle. I would usually make up excuses when asked about my luxury trips and gifts. As far as they knew, I had landed myself a good corporate job that paid well and allowed me to travel.

 However, it wasn’t long before I decided to confide in Sarah and tell her the truth. After all she was my closest friend. As I hoped she reacted positively and promised to keep my double life a secret. In fact, she urged me to help her set up a profile on the site. She was stuck in a dead-end job, with no prospects of ever being spoiled by any of the men she had dated.

I knew she was interested in having one exclusive Sugar Daddy who wanted a long-term arrangement. So we worked on a profile description that would reflect that and hopefully attract the right match.

It’s A Match!

 After only meeting Splenders and having a few salty experiences, she landed the kind of man she was after. Edwin, as she described was smart, kind and funny. He was a British expat working and living in the country.

 On their first date, they got along so well that he asked her if they could start meeting three times a week. From then on, I barely saw much of Sarah as she was spending all her free time with the Sugar Daddy of her dreams. 

Their relationship had started off like any normal sugar arrangement would, before they both noticed they had strong feelings for each other. Within a short time, Edwin had deactivated his account and proposed to Sarah. That was when she realized just how serious he was about her and she also ditched the site, in reciprocation.

Jumping The Broom!

“He is a keeper,” Sarah confessed to me that Saturday afternoon. I kept staring at her diamond engagement ring, in disbelief. What were the odds that she had met the Love of her life? How lucky can one girl be? 

I was a little anxious to be honest and hoped everything would work out as she imagined they would. And at the same time, I admired her resolve to follow her heart and jump right into the unknown.

It all started to feel more real when we were busy window shopping for a wedding gown and bridesmaids’ dresses. By now, the wedding was only six months away and we had a lot to organize.

To New Beginnings

Finally, Sarah’s big day arrived and she looked magnificent. They had an elegant destination wedding and reception by the beach for their families and close friends.  It felt great being part of the entire experience and seeing my closest friend so happy. “Here is to finding Love and to new beginnings,” I l said while toasting to the newly wedded couple.